How did George Washington Carver die?

by Mrs. Medina
(La Villa, Texas)

George Washington Carver Mural, Dothan Alabama

George Washington Carver Mural, Dothan Alabama

How did George Washington Carver die? He was an amazing, humble, caring human being.

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Mar 06, 2017
Love him
by: Ethiandlie

Tomorrow I will present an essay about George Washington Carver. I love this guy a lot.

Feb 22, 2017
GW Carver
by: Noah

I also have a project about him, too.

Sep 13, 2016
by: chris

He shall be remembered.

May 13, 2016

You are the best.

Mar 24, 2016
George Washington Carver
by: Anonymous

He was diagnosed with Anemia in 1938. In 1943 he fell down the stairs. He was unconscious, and taken to the hospital.

Feb 23, 2016
I miss him so much
by: Reggie

I miss him so much, too. And he fell down stairs. I love him and miss him. I have a project on him. I'm so happy he helped this world in many ways. I love you George Washington Carver!

Mar 09, 2015
Cause of death
by: None

Not true, he died because of anemia.

Mar 04, 2015
George's death
by: Anonymous

Died: January 5, 1943 in Tuskegee, Alabama he was a good men.

Feb 28, 2015
by: Henry

I love George Washington Carver forever.

Feb 06, 2015
Not cool
by: Anonymous

I wish he was still alive.

Jan 30, 2015
I feel sad for him
by: Anonymous

I feel sad for him because he fell off some stairs.

Feb 22, 2013
Carver's death
by: Bret

George Washington Carver died in his home at Tuskegee Institute on January 5, 1943 as a result of complications from a fall.

Carver had been diagnosed with pernicious anemia in 1938. Pernicious anemia is a decrease in red blood cells occurring when the intestines cannot properly absorb vitamin B12. In 1938 Carver said "Physically I have been in much worse condition than most people realize." For additional reading about Carver's declining health in the last 5 years of his life, see this section of "George Washington Carver, Scientist and Symbol", by Linda O McMurry, 1981.

Read Carver's obituary in the January 6, 1943 New York Times.

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