Best peanut variety for boiling

by Ralph Carriker
( Ellerbe, North Carolina)

What is the best variety of peanuts for boiling; not too small, not too big, best tasting?

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Jan 07, 2013
Best Peanut Varieties for Boiling
by: Bret

My favorite variety of peanuts for boiling is Valencia. 80% of Valencia peanuts in the USA are grown near Portales, New Mexico.

Valencias are also grown around Ocala, Florida.

I also like Georgia sweet runner peanuts for boiling.

Virginia Jumbos are okay for boiling and roasting, but I personally prefer Valencias and Georgia runners for their sweetness.

The flavor of Valencias is my criteria for their selection as being the best peanuts for boiling and roasting.

Apr 12, 2018
best peanuts for boiling
by: Booman

I agree. NM Valencia's are by far the best. Small red sweet peanuts. When they absorb the salt the sweetness keeps the peanut from getting too bitter and make for the best taste.
I'm not a fan of Ga. peanut for boiling.
The Ocala Valencia's come in 2nd in my book.

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