Eating Boiled Peanuts

Eating boiled peanuts is easy.
  • Crack open the shell with your hands or teeth
  • Suck the juice from the pod
  • Remove the top half of the shell
  • Eat the peanuts
  • Toss the shell
  • Repeat until all are eaten

Advanced methods can be learned with determination and practice.

People often say that boiled peanuts are an acquired taste. We think that is a euphemism for 'You either love them or you hate them'.

Baby eating boiled peanuts
Love at first bite?

You never know what to expect when your child first tastes a new food.
The verdict on boiled peanuts is clear in this video.

Popsicle or Boiled Peanuts?

There is no dilemma. This young lady already knows which she prefers.

Karen tries boiled peanuts in North Carolina

Eating 'oiled Peanuts

Children enjoying boiled peanuts before they can say it.

Boiled Peanuts and Boating
Good times in Georgia

His smile says it all as he eats boiled peanuts from Hardy Farms.

What if my dog eats boiled peanuts?

People ask if it's ok to feed boiled peanuts to their dogs. The answer is yes.
Be forewarned, dogs will beg for boiled peanuts, even more than you do.

Two adults taste boiled peanuts for the first time

How will they react the first time they eat boiled peanuts?

We predict that they ate the rest of the boiled peanuts before they knew it. An ambivalent reaction to the taste of boiled peanuts shows confusion between the mind (this isn't like roasted peanuts) and the heart (I could eat these forever).

Boiled peanuts with 'Bang Camaro'
Somewhere in South Carolina

Eating boiled peanuts is a great time pass when traveling..

Yankee eats boiled peanuts in Georgia

Another convert to boiled peanuts?

Perry Jordan eats and talks boiled peanuts
Founder of Heartsfield band talks peanuts

Perry pontificates about boiled peanuts, and compares finding immature boiled peanuts, commonly called pops, to finding diamonds in coal. The banter between Perry, and his manager is amusing.

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