Boiled Peanut Pricing

by Ed

I'd been selling my boiled peanuts at a local amphitheater until this year. I was told that the shells were making a mess.

My question is: How should I adjust my pricing for in-the-shell nuts to shelled-nuts? I was getting $5 for a 32oz cup. No one is going to pay that for, what amounts to around 4-8 ounces of shelled. The experience is part of the purchase with in-the-shell.


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Jun 18, 2017
Shelled boiled peanut price
by: Anonymous

First if you shell a 32 oz cup of your peanuts the weight and measure the quantity of nuts that will provide you with a starting point. If you get 8 oz of peanuts including the brine you have your answer.

Next you won't want to offer the 32 oz without the shell. I would suggest you offer 8 oz cups. If people love your flavor they will pay. Price it close to the original price for maybe $4.50 or $4.25 and see how it works out. Throw in one or two peanuts in the shell for old times sake.

If you are boiling shelled peanuts you should be able to get more volume in the same pot. I boil shelled peanuts all the time.

Keep in mind eating boiled peanuts in the shell is a lot different from eating them without the shell.

Feb 16, 2019
Am I selling my boiled peanuts too low?
by: Anonymous

I just recently started selling boiled peanuts (cajun flavor) in a small marina store that I manage. I am selling an 8 oz. cup, shelled nuts for $.99. Averaging about 4.25 oz in the cup......??

Mar 03, 2019
Shelled boiled peanuts
by: Bootleg Dave

I had that same problem a WWC WRESTING matches.
I had a hard time selling shells boiled peanuts even though I thought it was a great idea.
I boiled shelled peanuts and sold them (tried) for $2.50 for 8oz cup - the price wasn’t the problem - people just were not open to shelled boiled peanuts.
Beats me

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