Boiled Peanut Trailer

by Bill

Boiled Peanut Trailer, with two 130,000 BTU propane burners

Boiled Peanut Trailer, with two 130,000 BTU propane burners

I manufacture, and sell fully equipped boiled peanut trailers. Our boiled peanut trailers have everything you need to start a very profitable business, full time or part time.

Our basic model boiled peanut trailer includes:
  • Two 27.5 gallon stainless steel pots with custom made heavy duty lids. Each pot cooks and serves 25 lb of peanuts.

  • Two 130,000 BTU wind shielded high pressure propane burners, featuring hard piped copper gas lines with separate brass valves. This allows each burner, and each propane tank to operate independently.

  • Two adjustable propane regulators, two full 20 lb propane tanks.

  • Trailer lift, stainless steel quart scoop.

The trailer is a 4' x 6' (10' including tongue), which is sized to fit into 10' event spaces, and still have room to work. It is D.O.T. approved with a 2000 pound capacity, and is titled. This basic model trailer is equipped with everything you need to start a very profitable business.

The setup can also be used for pork skins, hot dogs, corn or anything else that boils or deep fries. Only the best parts were used to fabricate this trailer. I can add anything you want, but the basic trailer is complete with everything you need to cook, and serve boiled peanuts.

Complete cooking instructions, recipe, supplies, and replacement parts information will be provided with each purchase. I'm always available after the sale for any further questions you may have. Boiled peanuts are a year round concession.

See our basic trailer, and contact information in the photos above. Custom trailers built to your specifications are also for sale.

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Apr 19, 2015
by: Kathy

How much would a business like this cost to get started?

Dec 07, 2015
Fundraiser for church
by: Anna

I am with a church that does a lot of selling and we are looking for a peanut boiler that will handle 100 and what is the cost?

Mar 14, 2016
The peanut trailer
by: BenNation

When I purchased my trailer I had absolutely no experience in making or selling boiled peanuts. I bought the setup from Bill with the 2 pots and burners plus the umbrella sometime in 2011. I used it for about a year before circumstance persuaded me to sell it. Mr. Croft was very pleasant to deal with and very knowledgeable about the industry. The trailer was very well built, constructed of high quality material. The way in which the gas lines and valves are setup make it easy to use and deal with. With the purchase I received an information packet with sales strategies and recipe information that, along with Bills patient answers to all my questions, were indispensable. I was not just satisfied with the purchase, but very happy. I had a lot of fun selling and of course eating tons of boiled peanuts. I would highly recommend Bill Crofts peanut trailer.

Mar 18, 2016
Customer Satisfaction
by: Bill Croft

I appreciate the positive review of my product and services. You are a valued customer. If there's any way I can assist you, in the future, contact me.

Mar 24, 2016
What is a fair price?
by: Kay Inabinet

Thank you so much for all your great helpful information!

My nephew is 45 yrs old raising 10 yr old twins, boy & a girl. He has just boiled a 30 qt pot of boiled peanuts & they are great. Twins' mother died when they were 9 months old & he is a stay at home dad & has done a great job. He REALLY needs to make some money, but he (we) put them in qt size bags & only got 5 bags, not weighed & says he's going to sell them for $5 a bag.

Could you please write me back and let me know what a fair price really is? They were cooked last night so not put in plastic bags while hot.

I think you mentioned containers that he could use & sell them while hot, right from the pot like you use. He needs to know what size(s) and fair price. Now I'm going back to read everything that you wrote.

My email address is: Thank you so much for your help. We are in Lugoff, S.C. next to Camden.

Mar 27, 2016
Fair price for peanuts
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure I understand your question, but I'll try my best to answer it.

In a 30 gallon pot, you should be cooking 25 pounds of peanuts. That should yield approximately 55 quart bags. I'm not sure how many you cooked to only get 5? It cost the same, in propane, to cook 55 as it does 5.

If you're pre bagging and trying to sell them cold, that's not going to work out for you. I sell mine hot right out of the pot. I bag them in food grade plastic bags. They don't melt. Some people use cups, but they are bulky and expensive.

As for pricing, here's the breakdown. Peanuts cost approx $1 a quart to produce. That includes the peanuts, salt, bags and propane. If you cook 25 pounds and get 55 quart bags it cost you $55. If you sell them for $5 a quart, your profit is $220 for each 25 pounds cooked. That's a very good profit margin. I sell mine for $4 a quart, which is still a good profit.

If you want to make very good money, you have to have a trailer. The trailer I sell has two 27.5 gallon pots. Each pot cooks 25 pounds of peanuts. The trailer makes everything a lot easier. Frankly, peanuts are almost impossible to do without a trailer. It's too much work! The trailers I sell are completely equipped with everything you need to cook and serve peanuts.

Included in the purchase is a complete information package. I'm always available after the purchase for any further questions you may have. If you don't have a trailer, peanuts are nothing more than a hobby. With a trailer, they are a very profitable, year round, life long cash business. I hope this info helps answer your questions.


Mar 27, 2016
Previous comment
by: Bill Croft

In my previous answer to the question from Kay. I misunderstood the fact that you used a 30 Quart pot to cook the peanuts. I thought you meant a 30 Gallon pot. A 30 Quart pot is too small except for personal use.


Apr 17, 2016
by: KPnutz

Can you make a trailer that could be fitted to a three wheel bicycle? But light to have all the trimmings including a small sink and work table that is connected and maybe folds down. If this is a task you feel that your up to contact me at

Thanks, looking to hear from you soon.

Apr 18, 2016
by: John

Price of trailer. I'm interested in bringing boiled peanuts from the South to Midwest Ohio. Loved them while living in Florida.

Apr 20, 2016
Customized Trailer
by: Bill

Although, I do custom trailers, the customer usually adds whatever they want to the basic model. As far as a trailer to be customized to a three wheel bicycle, I don't think it would work. The standard trailer can be pulled easily with a compact car. With the equipment, you mentioned adding, I don't think it could be pulled by a bicycle. It would just be too physically challenging. If you wanted to try it, simply mount a 1 7/8" ball on the back of the bike. I wouldn't recommend it. Sinks are rarely required. If it isn't, I wouldn't install one. I advise customers to start with basic trailer and add items as needed.
Having said all that, if you had a sketch or plan, I would try my best to meet your needs. If you do have an idea of how you want it done, contact me at

Apr 20, 2016
Trailer costs
by: Bill

Hi John,
The two pot trailer retails for $2500 total. The four pot is $3500 and the six pot is $4500. All models are complete with everything you need to cook and serve peanuts.

Here's some further information.

The standard trailer includes; 2 - 27 1/2 gal stainless steel pots with heavy duty custom made lids.(each pot cooks and serves 25# of peanuts). 2 - 130,000 BTU wind shielded high pressure burners (hard piped w/ copper gas line w/ separate brass valves, which allows each burner and each propane tank to operate independently). 2 - adjustable regulators. 2 full 20# propane tanks. A swivel trailer lift. A stainless steel 1 qt scoop. Parts used for cooking (pots, lids, scoop) are stainless steel. The trailer is a 4x6' (10' including the tongue) which is sized to fit into 10' event spaces and still have room to work. It is D.O.T. approved, has a 2000# capacity and is titled. This basic model trailer is fully equipped with everything needed to cook and serve peanuts and start a very profitable business, full time or part time. Peanuts cost $.75 a qt to produce and sell for $4.00 or more. Unsold peanuts can be frozen and reheated for later use or precooked and frozen for large events. The setup can also be used for pork skins, hot dogs, corn, stews or anything else that boils or deep fries. Only the best parts are used to fabricate this trailer. Custom trailers are available. No experience is needed. Complete cooking instructions, recipe, supplies and replacement parts are provided with purchase. I'm always available, after the sale, for any further questions you may have. The season is always just getting started. Peanuts are a year round concession. The sell as well in the Summer as in the Winter and the profit margin is amazing. A great fundraiser for any type of organization (churches, scouting, band boosters, sports teams, charities, etc.). A great money maker at school and county sporting events, festivals, car shows, races, rodeos, etc., or roadside stands. Fresh vegetables are a great addition in their season.

May 08, 2016
by: Anonymous

Hello, just wondering where you are located and how can I get in touch with you.
Please email me your information to

Thank you.

May 10, 2016
by: Bill

Hi Toni,
Here's my email address;

Sep 06, 2016
How to get these people eating my peanuts
by: Andy in Nebraska

I would love to introduce boiled peanuts here; absolutely no one makes them around me. I think boiled peanuts are a great football watching snack, which is big around here.

I thought I could try them out at local farmer's markets and see if enough people like them to justify buying one of your trailers.

Is this trailer easy to re-sell if things don't work out and these Northerners really hate boiled nuts?

Sep 12, 2016
Peanut eating
by: Bill Croft

Hi Andy in Nebraska,
Usually, in locations that don't typically have boiled peanuts, my customers do very well. No competition is a great thing! You could try selling them in various places, but there's no substitute for a trailer. When the pots are boiling and the smell of fresh peanuts are in the air it draws in the customers. The trick is to get them to try them. Usually, once they do, they're hooked. A trailer, lots of signs and a good spot are the secrets to success. I don't have any problem selling trailers nationwide. I don't imagine reselling them would be much of a problem. Now is the time to find out. The Fall is just around the corner! It's the busiest and best time to get started. It's really not much to invest in a chance to make a lot of money. If it doesn't work out, you can resell and get most of your money back. Give it a shot. I'll provide all the info and support to get you going.

Sep 18, 2016
Want to buy 2 pots
by: Jerry Humphrey

I was wondering how much for just 2 pots. I've got a trailer & thought about making my own pots out of a stainless steel 55 gallon drum but my mig welder isn't set up to weld aluminum. I don't need the gas lines or burners, just 2 pots & the lids. Thanks.

Oct 05, 2016
Trailer Pulling
by: Dane

What speed can you pull that 4x6 trailer at before it wants to sway bad behind tow vehicle?

Oct 07, 2016
by: Bill

I've towed the trailer at 65+ mph with no problems. I live in Georgia and have had customers tow the trailer, as far away as Texas, with no problems. The added weight, of equipment and peanuts, stabilizes the trailer. It is a DOT approved trailer.

Oct 16, 2016
Thanks Bill
by: Rev. Jeff Vaughn

Hey Bill, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say "Thank You". As you know, I purchased the peanut trailer 3 weeks ago and it has already generated me a total of $2330.00 in additional income which all goes toward my ministry ThumbsUp Ministries. This is only approximately with only about 18 hrs. of work not including cooking the "Goobers".

You have been there to coach me in my new venture with full support since I am new to this industry. I would refer anyone who ask to you because you are exactly who you say you are.

I can't wait for my 4th week in the business to totally kill this thing. Thanks again Bill and if anyone wants to contact me for questions or comments please feel free to call, text or e-mail me...

Rev. Jeff Vaughn

Nov 23, 2016
Bubba'a Hot Jumbo Boiled Peanuts
by: Albert Garrard

I bought this setup just a few weeks ago and it has been great. I set up on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and the first day out I made $ 184.00 and have made over $600.00 in a three day weekend. This is the greatest deal I have tried. Thank you Mr. Croft.

Dec 12, 2016
Cost of trailer and pots
by: George

Very interested in your trailer peanut hookup. I am in Baltimore. What are your delivery options?

Thank you

Dec 19, 2016
Shipping trailers
by: Bill

Hi George,
Sorry, but I don't ship the trailers. I have had customers make the arrangements to ship them on their own. The trailer would have to be paid in full before the shipping. If you have any further questions, you can contact me at

Jan 11, 2017
by: James

Would u sell me everything but the trailer? And what would it cost me?

Jan 11, 2017
Peanut Trailer
by: Tony

If I was to buy one where are you at to pick it up?

Jan 15, 2017
Trailer pickup location
by: Bill

Hi Tony,
I live in Dawsonville, Ga. It's about 40 miles north of Atlanta. Most customers pick up on weekends, but any day can be scheduled.

Jan 26, 2017
equipment only
by: nick

Hello, do you sell the pots, burners etc. To install on one's own trailer? Thanks, nick
Jonesboro, ga.

Jan 27, 2017
by: Bill

Hi Nick,
I can sell the equipment for you to install on your trailer or I can install it. I don't know which way you want to do it. Contact me at my email,, and we'll discuss it.

Jan 29, 2017
Spring coming fast!
by: Bill

Just a reminder, not that you need one, that Spring is right around the corner! It's the unofficial start to the boiled peanut and produce season. It's going to get very busy with Spring, Summer and Fall activities. Roadside stands have to be established early in the year before the potential areas are claimed by others. Building the trailers, I really feel the pinch! Once the weather improves, I usually begin to get backed up on orders. I don't cut corners to produce a faster product. I manufacture the same quality trailer, no matter what time of year. Because of volume, the timeline on providing the trailers increases. At present, it takes about 10 days from the time I receive the order. As orders accumulate, that time will increase. I encourage anyone wanting to get a nice early start, to order as soon as possible. Everything needed to cook and serve peanuts is included with the complete trailer. No experience is needed. I provide a complete info package and after sale support as long as you need it. So, get you a trailer now and get out there and start making some excellent cash! Full or part time, life long, no boss, cash, fun business with one investment that's earned back quickly! Sounds good, doesn't it? Believe me, it's great!

Feb 26, 2017
Boiled Peanuts in Utah
by: Anonymous

Have you had any customers from Utah or surrounding states inquired about starting a boiled peanut business? I've loved them since a young age but never ran into anyone who had heard of them. I have a vacant snow cone shack and was thinking of using that. Just curious.

Mar 09, 2017
Utah peanuts
by: Bill

I've sold trailers in Texas, California and New Mexico, but not in Utah. The customers, in those states, have done very well because of no competition. They had problems, at first, with people not knowing what boiled peanuts taste like. Once they got established, their sales began to increase. They use lots of signage and provide samples. It doesn't take long to build a customer base. The snow cone building sounds good. I would decorate it, loudly, to attract as much attention as possible. You should be able to make some good money.

Mar 12, 2017
Desert Goobers
by: Lorrie

Bill, do you finance?

Mar 20, 2017
by: Bill

Sorry Lorrie, I don't finance. Your initial investment can be recovered rather quickly, especially if you do big fairs and festivals. I profit more than what the trailer cost in one big weekend festival. I do the Moonshine Festival in Dawsonville, Ga. There's 120,000 people there for the three day event. I always clear more than the cost of the trailer that weekend.


Apr 10, 2017
What is the cost of this setup?
by: Anonymous

Please provide cost.

Apr 17, 2017
Trailer cost
by: Bill

There are three models available. All are completely equipped with everything needed to cook and serve boiled peanuts. The two pot is $2500, the four pot is $3500 and the six pot is $4500. However, due to material cost increases, there will be a 10% increase, across the board, as of May 1st. This will be the first increase in over four years. Any orders, with deposits, received before May 1st will be charged the rates listed above.


May 01, 2017
Price increase
by: Bill

The price for the standard two pot trailer has increased 10% to $2750 as of 5/1/17. It's the first increase in four years and is due to material price increases. It's still a great deal for turnkey business.

May 01, 2017
by: Anonymous

need more info and easy way to contact you

May 01, 2017
Starting. off
by: Ron S

This is some thing Iv thought about doing. IN FL no food lic is need by the state. BUT local city its likes the KGB is asking. Im like MS, I just wanna sell boiled Pnuts on the side of the road. Business Lic $250 bucks for 6 mos, Full background check that I have to pay for. Local cops have to fingerprint me. Again I have to pay for.
Anyone else what are you going thru to sell Boiled P-nuts ?????

May 01, 2017
oh ya
by: popparon

i forgot to ask you bill do you take credit cards?

May 02, 2017
Contact info
by: Bill

My Email address is;
Contact me and I'll provide all the info you need.

May 02, 2017
by: Bill

Hi Ron,
I know some states and counties are ridiculous about their requirements. I live in North Georgia. All that's needed here is an annual vendors permit. It costs $100 a year. If you can wade through the regulations, the profits will make it well worth your while. It sounds like those regulations probably pertain to all types of business in your area.

May 02, 2017
Credit cards
by: Bill

Sorry, I don't accept credit cards.

May 04, 2017
by: Brian Osteen

How do you drain the pots after cooking do they come with a drain at the bottom?

May 09, 2017
by: Bill

Hi Brian,
I've installed drains in the past. The problem is that they eventually leak. It caused by the constant heating and cooling of the pots and drains tend to get bumped a lot during handling. The quickest and easiest way to drain the pots is to just lift them out and dump them. There's never more than 10 gallons in a pot. Occasionally, if they're completely full, I use a gallon pitcher to empty them enough to lift out. It's a lot better than having a leaking issue.


May 13, 2017
no way
by: Ron S

I tried to set up in Marianna FL. Screw that. The fee for Internite vender is 350 every 6 mos. Not to mention you have to have written permission and noetry signed from the lot owner. I havent tried county yet....

May 15, 2017
by: Bill

Hi Ron,
You're absolutely right. That fee is completely unreasonable and, without a doubt, the worst I've heard of nationwide. Still, if you break it down, that fee totals about two dollars a day. It can easily be made on one weekend. It would be a shame you to miss this opportunity because of some ridiculous six month fee. Are there no peanut vendors in your are area? I would try to discuss it with them. If there are vendors, it must be doable.
The written permission from the property owner is a very common practice everywhere. I hope you can work it out and get started making some very good money.

Sep 13, 2017
Contact # for Bill Croft
by: Anonymous

Does anyone have Bill Crofts Cell # to purchase a trailer and pots?

Sep 14, 2017
Bill's contact information
by: Boiled Peanut World

Look at the photographs. His email address, and phone number are in them. We didn't post them in text for his protection from automated skimming by web robots.


Oct 14, 2017
by: Kodiak

How long does it take to cook 6 pots of peanuts on a 6 pot unit?

Oct 15, 2017
Cooking time
by: Bill

It takes about ten hours to boil a pot of peanuts. On my six pot trailer model, all the burners can be operated separately or all at once. So, it would take about ten hours to cook all six pots.

Apr 18, 2018
How do I boil peanuts
by: Anonymous

I want to learn how to boil 20 lb of peanuts. How long to let soak then how long to boil,when to add salt, how much salt to add and any other helpful tips. Thanks.

Apr 19, 2018
Boiling peanuts
by: Bill

This recipe is for raw, dried peanuts. They are available in 25# bags. Green peanuts cook in less time, but cost more by weight. Also, green peanuts will mold unless stored in refrigeration. Dried peanuts are much easier to store.

First, I don't soak my peanuts. Unless you soak them for a very long time, most just float on top anyway. So, skip that step. I don't know what size pot your using, but I recommend a 100 qt pot. You can use a smaller pot, but you'll have to really watch your water level. On my trailers, I use half of a 55 gal stainless steel drum with custom made lids to cook 25#.

If you buy commercial pots, be sure of the quality. Most quality commercial pots are very expensive. Place the nuts in the pot and then fill the pot, with water, up to about 4" from the top so they don't boil over. Add the salt now. Grocery store brands are the cheapest. Salt is salt. You can use iodized or fee running, makes no difference. I add 1 round box for every 10 pounds of peanuts. You may have to adjust the salt to your taste. Turn the peanuts on high and bring to a rolling boil.

Maintain a rolling boil throughout the cook. Stir well every couple of hours. Cook for 10 to 12 hours, depending on how you like them. They're done. They can be frozen for later use.

If you're considering a commercial venture, a trailer is required. You'll understand why when you try it or you can read answers on this page discussing it.

May 06, 2018
Trailer size
by: Kevin V.

Is the six pot trailer the same size as the two pot trailer? Could make a difference if my state requires something else be installed on the trailer.

May 16, 2018
Trailer size
by: Bill

Hi Kevin,
The six pot trailer is a foot longer than the others to accommodate the extra row of pots. I'm not sure what state you're in or what additional requirements would be needed. I've sold six pot trailers in several states with no issues.

Aug 19, 2018
Starting Boiled peanut stand.
by: Billy Bare

Thank you for your time, my name is Bill and I have a commercial spot with 10x10 screened room that I am setting up for sales of boiled peanuts,
ghost peppers and Ghost pepper jelly (I grow my own Ghost peppers). I am located in central Florida on a busy road. We have annual bike fest and also are on the outskirts of the "The Villages" season is about the start. Any helpful input would be of great help. Once again thanks for your time.

Sep 04, 2018
by: Bill

My advise would be to be consistent with your product and with your daily hours. Reliability is really important to maintain a good customer base. Of course, if you want minimize your work load and be successful, you’ll need a trailer. Everything can be prepared and maintained at home.

Oct 27, 2018
A couple of questions
by: Kevin V.

If I order the four pot trailer does it still just come with two tanks? What is the possibility of some kind of a roof/hood/cover, awning (metal)? What do you recommend? What keeps it from being back heavy if I step up on the back of the trailer...don't want to burn myself or anyone else with hot brine.

Oct 27, 2018
by: Anonymous

How can I get a good peanut supplier?

Oct 31, 2018
Trailer info
by: Bill

The four pot trailer only comes with two tanks, which operate all four burners. Some customers prefer larger, 30 gal. tanks, which are an option. Usually, two tanks are sufficient for a weekend event. I don’t provide any type of cover. The best cover is a 12’ market umbrella. It covers the entire trailer and some area around it. It will extend approximately 3’ on each side of the trailer to cover the serving area. As long as the front pots are full, the trailer will not tilt. If not, a block of wood under the rear frame will prevent any tipping. I don’t ever get in the trailer. The trailer is usually operated from the ground.

Oct 31, 2018
Peanut supply
by: Bill

I don’t know what’s available in your area. Usually a State Farmers Market, a large produce supply or even a grocery store are good sources for peanuts. If a grocery store produce department doesn’t carry them, they can order them for you. Ask a local peanut vendor where they get theirs.

Dec 05, 2018
Sink Requirement
by: Kevin V.

It seems as though there is sometimes a requirement for a three bay sink when selling any food here. I may be misunderstanding them. I think that I want a four pot trailer, but at the six pot trailer size. I am going to put brackets on the back and sides of the trailer to hold slide in signage and counters. I would also like to order two of the umbrellas so that I will have a back up, is there a choice in colors or patterns? There will also be times when I will need lighting (night time Fairs). I am in Connecticut. Please work up a price on this and email to me at

Jun 04, 2019
I need one
by: Smitty

Love to see a price! Really like that I can take it with me and it fries and boils...

Does it have a basket inside to pull out and dump your boil?

Jun 17, 2019
Boils or deep fries
by: Bill

The total price on the two pot model is $2750. "Anything that fries" refers to deep fried products such as pork rinds, funnel cakes, etc. Hand held utensils are used to remove products from the oil. The main purpose of the trailer is for boiled peanuts, but basically, it’s big stock pots with burners. So, anything that boils or deep fries, in large quantities, can be cooked. The four pot model is for multiple products and is currently priced at $3750.

Jan 13, 2020
by: Bill

Although peanuts are a year round concession, Early Spring is the best time to get established for the upcoming seasons. Festivals, car shows, sporting events, etc. which will be beginning soon. Road side stands need to begin operation to establish a strong customer base. The start of my busy season allows me to provide trailers in a timely manner. As the season increases, my production time increases. I usually get several weeks behind on orders. So, if you’re thinking about a very profitable, year round, self employed, cash and easy business, now is the time to get in. I provide a complete information package, so no experience is needed. I also provide complete support as long as it’s needed. There’s several reasons I’m the only one on the Internet providing these type of trailers. Quality, price, support and customer satisfaction with my products. I have twenty five years experience selling peanuts and building trailers. Over the years I’ve refined these trailers for ease of operation. I can answer any questions relating to peanuts and suggestions on setting up, festivals, events and the daily easy operation. If you’re interested, contact me at wccroft for any information. I’m looking forward to assisting you in any way I can to preserve this southern tradition.

Jun 23, 2020
Great Peanut trailer
by: Rick

I bought a 2 burner peanut trailer with drums from Bill about 3 years ago. It is still going strong.
I would recommend anyone who is considering a trailer to buy from him. He also is very helpful on anything you need to know about peanuts and the business of cooking and selling.

Thanks Bill

Sep 25, 2020
Country Nuts
by: The Wilson’s

If you’re considering buying a boiled peanut cart or trailer you can’t go wrong by contacting Bill excellent craftsmanship, easy to communicate with , answers all your calls and is there to help you whenever you need it. We are happy that we chose to do business with him and excited for our new journey into the boiled peanut business. Thank you Bill for everything the trailer the recipes and the help along the way.

Oct 09, 2020
2020 purchase
by: Mark from Georgia

We had such a Great Experience working with Bill getting our peanut trailer built. He is a genuine guy with a big heart and he loves to teach people how to be successful. It was a fun and enjoyable pickup at his shop. He is generous with his time, knowledge, and materials. He did not hesitate to go the extra mile and make sure we were road worthy and set for success. We are thankful for such an amazing experience!

Oct 29, 2020
How long will peanuts last in 80 qt pot
by: Anonymous

I’m starting a boiled peanut business here in central Florida and I have (2) 80qt pots that I use to boil for around 10 hrs starting on Wed then let soak for probably 24 hrs with burners occasionally turned on to keep heat level up. My question is how long can I keep the peanuts in the pots for or should I empty pots every night into the fridge then heat them up again every day. Thank you for any type of answer..

Nov 01, 2020
Peanuts overnight
by: Bill

I get asked about leaving peanuts in the pot overnight pretty often. As long as you bring the peanuts to a boil, once a day, you can leave them in the pot overnight. This will stop any bacteria from forming and they won’t spoil. In the heat of the summer, you’ll have to do this twice a day, when you start and when you quit for the day. You can do this for up to a week. After that period the peanuts will begin to be overcooked. They can still be frozen, for a one time reuse, at a later date. If you don’t sell them after a one time reheat, they’ll have to be discarded. This problem seldom happens. If you can’t sell a pot of peanuts, in a week, you need to move to a better location. People tell me, all the time, I’m in a good spot, but I don’t sell a lot of peanuts. Think about that statement and then move!

Nov 14, 2020
by: Anonymous

Can you steam nuts to make them softer to eat? How can you make nuts softer to eat?

Nov 18, 2020
Making boiled peanuts softer
by: Boiled Peanut World

Anon asked,

"How can you make nuts softer to eat?"

Like beans, all you have to do is boil them longer.

Nov 18, 2020
Softer peanuts.
by: Bill

Just keep cooking. Be sure they’re at a rolling boil the entire time that you cook. I cook raw peanuts for 10 to 12 hours, green peanuts less..

Dec 18, 2020
Trying to bring peanuts to Southern California
by: Roman

Would really like to start up a boiled peanut side stand-- part time. And eventually scale up! Need more information about buying a trailer.

Jan 25, 2021
Trailer information
by: Bill

You can just contact me by email and I’ll detail the process. My name is Bill.

Jun 15, 2021
by: Luci

Hi Bill - do you still sell boiled peanut trailers?
boiled peanuts

Jul 11, 2021
Still sell trailers?
by: Bill

Hi Lori,
I definitely do still sell the trailers. In fact, I’m gearing up for the busy, pre-fall season. Order early!


Aug 04, 2021
by: Patricia Forrester

I wanted to start selling boil peanuts at events and road side, I have you to buy my trailer but I can't seen to find where to Buy my peanuts from and prices in west Ga. Help me please and then so I can buy my trailer..

Aug 10, 2021
Locating peanuts
by: Bill

Hi Patricia,
I live in north Georgia and our peanuts originally come from the state farmers market in Forest Park, Ga. We have distributors in our area. They’re usually large produce supplies. Sometimes, grocery store produce departments will carry or order them for you. I’m not sure what’s available in your area. I don’t know how far you are from the farmers market, but they would have more availability and the best price.

Oct 05, 2021
by: Jennifer


Have you ever been required to have insurance for the business by city or county? If so what is best insurance option?

Kind regards


Oct 11, 2021
by: Bill

I’m not aware of any city or county requiring insurance, only permits of some type. It’s not a requirement in my area. You should check for your area.

Dec 02, 2021
Excellent Trailer and Mentor!
by: Big Fans of Mr. Bill and Boiled Peanuts

One day my wife and I had the crazy idea to go into the peanut business. We liked eating them, as do many others, but it can be often hard to find them except from time to time at the random stand. We really weren’t sure where to begin until we came across Mr. Bill on Boiled Peanut World. We found out he made trailers tailored to suit our needs, and would also guide us through the learning process, answering questions and offering support as needed.

To be perfectly honest, we were a little skeptical considering the cost and having never sold boiled peanuts before in our lives. The risk of losing a lot of cash had us considering backing out, but we took the leap of faith and crossed our fingers that we would at least get our investment back in 6 months or so.

Well, we are extremely thankful we did! Surprisingly, we were able to make our entire investment back in… get this… only 9 working days! To say we were shocked, and thrilled, was a complete understatement. We went with the 4-pot setup which cost us $4,250, and we are happy we chose that option. We wanted to make sure we had plenty of space if we decided to do events, but we have actually sold out of all peanuts in each of the 4 pots just by being set up in highly trafficked areas. It was well worth the extra expense to go with the larger 4 pot option. We feel this has been such a wise investment because it looks professional, clean and tidy, and gives us options.

Our experience with Mr. Bill has been amazing. He is a man of his word, always taking the time to speak with us or return texts and answer questions before AND after the sale. He has been a wonderful mentor that we feel blessed to have come across. He’s a straight shooting fellow, not like most that get your hard-earned dollar and never talk to you again. With Mr. Bill, you get outstanding customer service and invaluable knowledge shared by a pro who’s been in the business for decades. We are thankful we didn’t have to learn from our mistakes and instead were able to take his pro advice and keep from making them altogether!

A few things we have learned, would recommend, or general info about our setup...

We strive to work 7 days a week with a day off here and there as needed, but our usual day is only 5-6 hours long and sometimes 7 hours on the weekends. Our average daily return is nearly $600 in the past month since we have received our trailer and started selling.

We upped the price of our cups of peanuts, selling a small and large sized cup, rather than selling at a flat $5/scoop price. We prefer cups over plastic bags since they are easily sat in a cup holder and also feel cleaner than sticking your hand in a wet, slimy bag.

We prefer locations with foot traffic vs drive by traffic as we have easily sold 150-200 cups per day with adequate foot traffic. When customers can smell the peanuts and can easily come over to check out the set up, you’re much more likely to secure a customer. Drive by traffic with proper signage can still be a steady flow and secure 50-60 cups sold per day.

Presentation is EVERYTHING. We keep our trailer looking good, hosing it down each morning and evening to rinse all of the salt and streaks off of the pots, as well as wiping the pots down on site to make sure everything is tidy and clean. If your setup looks good, you’re more likely to secure a sale over the John Doe selling quart bags of peanuts out of the cooler in the back of his truck filled with empty beer cans and cigarette butts.

Mr. Bill’s original recipe was spot on, not too salty and just right. We used the base of his cajun recipe, tweaked it to our liking and added our own twist which has worked out wonderfully, gaining us repeat customers that drive from several towns over just to get them from us.

In closing, I would tell anyone considering buying a peanut trailer from Mr. Bill to just do it! Take the leap of faith. Don’t sit there and try to analyze everything as we did. It was a waste of time, and we wished we had purchased sooner. The return is ridiculous! There is absolutely no reason you cannot make a living selling boiled peanuts. We thought this was just going to be a little side hustle to bring in extra cash, but not anymore - we are full time and likely going to purchase another trailer in 2022 to double our revenue.

Mr. Bill, From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything. You have changed our lives, and we will never forget that! Who would have ever thought... peanuts?! Life is good (and delicious)!

- Signed,
Big Fans of Mr. Bill and Boiled Peanuts

Apr 03, 2022
Updated price
by: Nelson in Dublin GA

Hi Bill I would love to know a updated price on the 2 pot full trailer set up please sir and also address where to pick one up at Thanks in advance sir or 4786979715

Apr 13, 2022
Need equipment
by: Anonymous

How do you buy a kit. And how much.

Apr 14, 2022
by: Kitty

what part of georgia are you located and what are your base prices for trailer shown and any more information you might share with me . Thanks in advance

May 11, 2022
Interested in trailer
by: Anonymous

Tried to call number, but no answer. Are you still selling these trailers?

Jun 11, 2022
Profit margin
by: Mason

What is the profit margin now, peanut sales? 06/2022

Jun 11, 2022
by: Joe

What is the price of 4 pot trailer? 06/2022

Jul 01, 2022
Seems Impossible
by: Mason

I'm planning a 3 day event in August but I'm really confused. You boil the peanuts for 10 to 12 hours. So if you have an event that starts at 9 am on Friday morning, do you set up and start boiling peanuts at 9 pm Thursday night?
If you stir them every 2 hours when do you sleep?
If you serve them from the 2 pots, do you need to sell out before you can boil 2 more pots? What if you don't sell out?
Where do you get the water for your 2nd and 3rd batches? WHEN DO YOU SLEEP Friday and Saturday nights if you are boiling peanuts and stirring them every 2 hours?
I all seems impossible to me!

Jul 02, 2022
3 day event use frozen peanuts?
by: Mason

You say to use frozen peanuts for 3 day events?
So 4 pots take 24 hours. 12 pots will take 3 days non-stop since you mix every 2 hours, and that's before the event even starts. Now you're at a total of 6 or 7 days including the 3 day event. Then where do you freeze them and where do you keep them for the 3 day event?
Good thing I planned it out.
Makes less sense every minute.
Very, very confusing and too much work and what if I get rained out?
Your phone call can't fix those problems.
I'm going to pass on boiled peanuts.
That's crazy.
Thanks anyway!!

Jul 05, 2022
by: Anonymous

I've received several unanswered inquiries regarding my trailers. I’m providing this ad which should answer most of them.

Here’s some further information and pictures. The complete two pot model is $3500 total. The complete four pot model is $4500 total. There is a $500 deposit required. It can be made by a personal check or PayPal. Estimated delivery depends on pending orders. If you have any questions, contact me.
Thanks, Bill

The standard trailer includes; 2 - 27 1/2 gal stainless steel pots with heavy duty custom made lids.(each pot cooks and serves up to 25# of peanuts) . 2 - 130,000 BTU wind shielded high pressure burners (hard piped w/ copper gas line w/ separate brass valves, which allows each burner and each propane tank to operate independently). 2 - adjustable regulators.

2 full 20# propane tanks. A swivel trailer lift. A stainless steel 1 qt scoop. Parts used for cooking (pots, lids, scoop) are stainless steel. The trailer is a 4x6' (10' including the tongue) which is sized to fit into 10' event spaces and still have room to work. It is D.O.T. approved, has a 2000# capacity and is titled. This basic model trailer is fully equipped with everything needed to cook and serve peanuts and start a very profitable business, full time or part time.

Peanuts cost $1.00 a qt to produce and sell for $5.00 or more. Unsold peanuts can be frozen and reheated for later use or precooked and frozen for large events. The setup can also be used for pork skins, hot dogs, corn, stews or anything else that boils or deep fries. Only the best parts are used to fabricate this trailer. No experience is needed. Complete cooking instructions, recipe, supplies and replacement parts are provided with purchase. I'm always available, after your purchase, for any further questions you may have for as long as needed.

The season is always just getting started. Peanuts are a year round concession. They sell as well in the Summer as in the Winter and the profit margin is amazing. A great fundraiser for any type of organization (churches, scouting, band boosters, sports teams, charities, etc.). A great money maker at school and county sporting events, festivals, car shows, races, rodeos, etc., or roadside stands. Fresh vegetables are a great addition in their season.

Aug 08, 2022
Contact Info
by: Anonymous

How do I contact you about trailer/Boiler information and purchase? boiled peanuts

Sep 01, 2022
by: Patty

I'm interested in buying a peanut stand I had one just like it before from you and I would like another. How can I get one?boiled peanuts

Oct 26, 2022
Peanut sales
by: Anonymous

How much does the basic set up cost?

Oct 26, 2022
order info
by: Scott

How do I order my trailer?

Dec 08, 2022
Equipment without the trailer
by: Anonymous

How much would it be for the equipment without the trailer?
Also is electric set possible or only propane?

Feb 07, 2023
Interested in buying
by: Harris

Hello Mr. Bill I'm very interested in buying your 4 pot trailer please let me know your location and contact so I may make arrangements.

Apr 22, 2023
by: Anonymous

How to order a cart ???

May 14, 2023
How to contact Bill about this
by: Wes

I see several posts requesting more details about these boiled peanut trailers and equipment. Contact Bill directly with your questions by email or call him at 706 344-9691 as indicated in the photos above.

Jul 18, 2023
Boiled peanut trailer

Need cost and info pertaining to boiled peanut 🚍 opportunity, thanks bob.

Jul 28, 2023
by: steve

I have sent 3 emails to him with no response. Does anybody know if he's still building these?

Sep 09, 2023
by: Anonymous

Bill are you okay?

Sep 24, 2023
Bad news
by: Anonymous

Hey everyone, just so you all know Bill has passed away. His wife called me back when I left him a voicemail. She still has barrels for sale, but there will be no more peanut trailers made by him :(.

Jan 22, 2024
by: Joe j.

Cost of fully equipped pnut trailer?

Jan 29, 2024
Peanut trailer business
by: Anonymous houser


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