Boiled Peanuts Hawaiian Style

by Wanda

These are our tips for making soft juicy salty boiled peanuts.

1. No salt in soaking water
2. Each raw peanut needs to be cracked slightly
3. Pour boiling water over peanuts with plate covering to keep peanuts submerged, covered for at least 18 hrs.
4. 1 full 5 star spice flower in pressure cooker.
5. 1/3 cup sea salt to 1 lb raw peanuts during last 40 min of process.
6. Pressure cooking time should be 45 min at slow pressure.
7. Release pressure and stir in salt, cover, seal and let sit for 40 min, or till pot has cooled completely.

P.S. Sliced fresh ginger (3-4 large peeled slices) and red pepper flakes during cooking adds another flavor.

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