Boiled Peanuts Not Salty Enough

by Monica

Can’t get boiled “green” peanuts salty enough using 1.5 cups salt per gallon. All steps followed for soaking pre boiling and soaking 30 mins after in cooling brine.

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Nov 26, 2021
Are your boiled peanuts getting wet inside the shells?
by: Bret

Hi Monica,
Is there brine inside shells after you boil and soak them? That sounds like a lot of salt per gallon of water. They will not taste salty until the brine penetrates the shell. Have you tried soaking them in the refrigerator while they cool in the brine? They should taste salty if there is juice inside the shell. Taste the brine. I expect you will find it extremely salty.

If you are boiling green (not dried) peanuts there is no need to soak them before boiling because green, fresh dug peanuts have 35% to 50% moisture by weight. Dried peanuts have 10% moisture by weight.

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