Boiled Peanuts not Working

by Nutty

We are trying to get started in the boiled peanuts for sale business, and hitting a few roadblocks. Primarily getting the flavor into the "meat" is the first problem, and the other is cooking a batch - and getting some nuts somewhat "crunchy" while others are "mushy". We have tried several recipe combinations, temperatures and cooking times, and those two issues seem to be our difficulty. Putting out a consistent texture and deeply flavorful nut is the objective, right? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Sep 06, 2019
Boiled peanut business
by: RedneckDownSouth

Serious?, boiling more than 25 pounds.a lot? Buy insurance, and I suggest trying your hand at red and cayenne pepper growing (and even other peppers for uniqueness) and a sale on the Cajun level. They grow easy and it a way to cut costs besides adding your own mark. Store spicy stuff will cost more than the nuts in the end if you let it.

Past that , peanuts vary, seasons vary. economy of scales vary.Lotta stuff involved if you want to take a business, past just meeting people. selling peanuts.

Boil them 4 hours, let cool/soak one-two hours , bag'em, seasoning them while boiling and after while soaking is like, BBQ. Trade secrets

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