Boiled Peanuts Recipe

by Tabitha
(Flint, Michigan )

Thank you for the recipe for boiled peanuts. I thought it was only a Southern thing, LOL. I moved to Michigan and they don't sell them here.

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Nov 17, 2012
Boiled Peanuts Recipe, Boiled Peanuts in Michigan
by: Bret

We're glad you found our website and are boiling peanuts at home. We created Boiled Peanut World to enable anyone to boil peanuts wherever they live.

Despite the myth, boiled peanuts are not just a Southern US food. Peanuts are grown and boiled around the world. I discovered this while living in Singapore, where I ate boiled peanuts along with my Char Siew (barbeque pork) and rice at a local hawker center (open air cooked food center).

We're friends with a boiled peanut vendor in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Visit him at Papa Tom's Boiled Peanuts.

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