Boiling Peanuts another method

by James D Pittman
(Folsom, La United States)

I have a 97 qt boiling pot, I empty a 30 to 35 pound sack of washed peanuts into the pot. I then fill the pot with water until the peanuts are about 2 inches below the bottom of the rivets that hold the handles on. I then light my burner and turn the heat to the max and let it boil for about 50 minutes or there abouts till they come to a rolling boil. I then reduce the heat to the point so that the water does not boil over when the lid is placed on the pot. I have found out it is best to not place the lid completely on the pot but to leave a space for steam to discharge. After boiling for one hour I reduce the heat and replace the water that has boiled off and back to the original level. I then turn up the heat to bring back to a rolling boil which takes about 15 minutes. When it has reached the rolling boil I add two boxes of table salt which equals 3 pounds of salt or you may use 1 container of granular crab boil and 1 box and a half of table salt. I then reduce the heat to slightly below a rolling boil with lid slightly off and no water overflowing over the side of the pot lid. I boil for another two hours. After 2 hours has elapsed I turn off the burner remove the lid and let peanuts soak for about 6 to 10 hours depending how salty I want them. Using the crab boil with the salt makes them marginally more salty. I bag them in quart bags and give them away.

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Sep 14, 2017
Boiling Green Peanuts
by: Anonymous

I'd give them away too. There's no telling how they will taste. Crab boil? you obviously are not a true southerner who eats peanuts.

Don't worry about how many pounds of peanuts go in the water. MEASURE the water and add 1/2 cup -2/3 cup of salt PER GALLON of water. 2/3 cup will make them slightly saltier. Boil "GREEN" peanuts for 1-2 hours. Stirring occasionally. Taste a few and if the consistency of the meat is the way you like or slightly firmer. Cut the heat off and cover. Let them sit in the brine until cool. This will allow the brine to enter the shell.

Don't try and reuse the brine. Why would you? to save $.25-50 cents of salt?
Vacuum seal bags filled and frozen will keep in freezer for a year if you quit eating them all the time.

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