Boiling peanuts in a BrewZilla

by Vicki

BrewZilla Boiling Peanuts

BrewZilla Boiling Peanuts

I have started using my BrewZilla for boiling peanuts. Just take out the beer making stuff. It works great, with the raised bottom I never have to worry about scorched peanuts and with the recycling feature I can keep the brine moving. It also has another screen that I place on top to hold the peanuts under water. Also, I first soak and clean the peanuts, then turn on the recycling pump and drain the water. At 78 this is much easier than trying to lift a big pot of water. Then I add the soaking solution and turn on the circulator and wait when ready I add any other ingredients and turn on the heating elements to bring to a boil, when I have a rolling boil I turn off the one element and continue to simmer with the 500w element.

When I decide that they are done I turn of the heat and let sit until cool. Then I can lift the insert and let drain on the top of the kettle. When I am ready to empty the liquid I use the recycling feature and it drains the kettle.

This is working so well for me that I may buy another BrewZilla. I have the BrewZilla 3.1 gen.

I sell my peanuts at events and across the street from a convenience store on weekends.

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