Bootleg Dave's Boiled Peanuts Colorado Springs, Colorado

by David Spikes
(Colorado Springs)

Bootleg Dave's Boiled Peanuts in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Platte between Murray and Wooten by the big pine. Also now in Falcon, Colorado. We have Traditional (salty) and Cajun Spice. We also cook Skins and Cracklins.

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Jan 13, 2012
Love them!
by: Melissa

Matthew wants to know when the peanut man is coming back? Hope you are having a good time!

Jan 14, 2012
Peanut Man
by: Don n' Rosie

Hey David! WTG, Got to be cold up there. Stay warm. Miss you and Annette. Hope all is well.
Love ya, Mom

Jan 24, 2012
Thank's to all our customers & friends
by: Bootleg Dave

Thanks to all our customers & friends for all your support and business.
We have had stands in three different states (Georgia, Florida, and Colorado) and have met a lot of great people.


Mar 04, 2012
A True Pioneeer
by: Papa Tom

I just saw your site. You give me inspiration! If the product is great, they will come!
Papa Tom

Sep 30, 2012
Perfect Backyard BBQ Snacking
by: Joe Law

Thanks for the great deal Saturday. Those boiled peanuts and pork skins were a hit even for our "Northern" minded guests. It was perfect for snacking while we waited on our bbq to finish. Thanks!

Oct 21, 2012
great peanuts
by: robert

I'm a southern boy, and boiled peanuts are hard to find out west and up north. Great peanuts!

Oct 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks Papa Tom, Joe and Robert for your posts.
We are working on so everyone go check that out.
Our facebook account was jacked so we started a new one - so please go and like us on the newest Bootleg Dave's Boiled Peanut page (there are 3)PLEASE USE THE NEWEST ONE BURIED DOWN THE PAGE

Bootleg Dave

Mar 17, 2013
Best Boiled Peanuts
by: Anonymous

So glad we crossed paths you my friend make the best boiled peanuts. So tender and juicy. The family and I enjoy every peanut down to the last pod.

Mar 23, 2013
When will you be here?
by: Mary

When will you be in Colorado Springs? I have been craving boiled peanuts and I'm pregnant. I am missing my southern food.

Jul 20, 2014
Love the boiled peanuts
by: Anonymous

You still doing boiled peanuts? Still gonna be on Platte near Wooten, or doing any farmers markets?
Keep us updated please and thanks!

Sep 25, 2014
Are you still in Falcon?
by: Kati

I've driven by a few times and I haven't seen you; are you still selling in Falcon?


Sep 20, 2015
still in business?
by: Matt

Dave - are you still in business? Have been trying to find you! It's not football season w/out boiled peanuts!

May 23, 2016
by: Shannon

Are you still in Colorado Springs?

Aug 23, 2017
Still selling boiled peanuts in Falcon?
by: Anonymous

Hello! I'm dying to find some boiled peanuts - are you still out in Falcon? Where can we find you?

Jan 31, 2019
So good
by: Sherry

Will you have cracklins this week in the springs?

May 14, 2019
I keep missing you.
by: Anonymous

From the south. Love boiled peanuts. I hear all about you but I can’t ever seem to find you. I always miss you. When will you be back out again?

Nov 18, 2020
where is bootleg dave?
by: Anonymous

Where is the peanut man? I can't find him on Platte. Where are you located in Falcon?

Dec 09, 2022
schedule ?
by: Anonymous

in need of some southern cuisine, do you have a schedule?

May 18, 2023
When are you going to start selling peanuts?
by: YvettenRick Archuleta Trujillo

Just need to know when they will be available.

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