California Boiled Peanuts

by BJ
(Ventura, California)

Hot Boiled Peanuts

Hot Boiled Peanuts

That statement sounds strange, because people in California don't normally eat and enjoy boiled peanuts. I would like to teach my grandson who is eight how to run a little business and this is the business I was thinking of. I love boiled peanuts and I would like to introduce them in my area of California which is Ventura.

I lived in Florida for 40 years and they were available at most convenient stores and gas stations and fruit markets. I'm researching the boiled peanut business.

Anything you could advise me of, I would appreciate it and it would be helpful to us. My phone number is 941-780-7903 and my email address is
Thanks, BJ

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Jan 27, 2016
Boiled peanut advice
by: Bill Croft

I live in Georgia and I manufacture complete boiled peanut trailers. California is little far for you to come get one! I do provide a complete info package and would be, more than happy, to send you a copy. I think it's very important for young people to learn the peanut business or any business for that matter. I would hope he would stick with the peanut business to carry on tradition of it. Everywhere that I've sold trailers, that don't have many peanut vendors, have had a lot of success. Getting in on the ground floor is a great idea! Come on down to North Georgia and I'll set you up with a proper trailer and plan to get you going.
Bill Croft

Nov 01, 2016
I dont have time to boil peanuts 24 hours a day
by: Tim in New Mexico

I live in New Mexico where 80% of Valencia peanuts are grown. So I thought of starting a boiled peanut stand! I loved them when I lived in FLA.

The one thing I have not heard anyone talk about is the process of the boiling, then the storing of the peanuts until you get them to your stand.

Raw peanuts take up to 24 hours to cook right? You certainly don't boil peanuts at your stand 24 hours a day! Do you boil a large batch 1 or 2 hundred pounds, freeze them and bring them to your stand as needed and reheat them?

Tim who is going nuts.

Nov 02, 2016
Cooking, transferring and storing peanuts
by: Bill

Hi Tim,
I live in North Georgia. All we sell here are Valencia peanuts. The complete boiled peanut trailers, which I manufacture, are a must if you're starting a road side stand or doing any type of event. It saves you a lot of work setting up and unsetting up. With a trailer, you do all that at home. As soon as you arrive at your stand or event, the peanuts are hot and ready to serve. You cook them, on the trailer, at home the day before. The next morning you just heat them up and drive to your stand. When your ready to leave, there's no breaking down equipment, you just drive off. Your product is available the entire time your at your stand. All your preparation and maintenance are done at home. The trailer cooks and transfers 50# of peanuts. I precook and freeze large quantities of peanuts. I package them in two gallon ziplocks and store them in chest freezers. The packages fit into a 100 qt. cooler and will remain frozen for three days. Unsold packages can be returned to the freezer for use at the next event. I haul all the frozen peanuts I can to insure I don't sell out. I sold out, one time, in twenty years. It never happened again! As far as cooking goes. If you read and believe some of the horror stories, about cooking peanuts, it'll scare you out of doing it! Fact is, it's a very simple process and takes about 10 to 12 hours to cook them. With your purchase, of a trailer, I provide a complete info package including recipes, cooking instructions, maintenance and parts replacement. I also provide consultation anytime after your purchase. You can call, text or email me anytime with any question you may have. After twenty years, I have the answers. So, if you want to get started right and build year round, lifelong, cash business (with no boss!), get a trailer. The trailer is completely equipped with everything needed to cook and serve peanuts. Just ad salt, water and peanuts and you're ready to go! The work is easy and the profit margin is ridiculous.

Nov 29, 2016
by: Tim

Hi Bill
Unfortunately I have already purchased a boiled peanut trailer before I learned you made them. My trailer has only 2 ten gallon pots. Nevertheless let me understand. I cook the peanuts at home the day before leave them overnight cooling and soaking not refrigerated on the trailer then re-boil them in the morning? And off to the stand with trailer peanuts and brine in tow? They won't spoil overnight?

Aug 16, 2020
by: Jessica

Funny we also moved from FL to CA, and my boyfriend is always talking about selling boiled peanuts here! We spoke to someone at a farmers market that said it was illegal here for some reason, or that there was a health code to prohibit it. I was trying to remember what it was and was looking it up when I saw your post. If you start a stand let me know, he's dying for some boiled peanuts.

Oct 11, 2020
by: Ashley

I’m from Louisiana and have been looking everywhere for boiled peanuts!! Where are you usually set up and are you selling any today!?

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