Can shelled raw peanuts be boiled?

by Chris

Thanks for the article.

We cannot get raw peanuts in their shells in the UK. The ones in shells are always roasted and ready to eat, sold in bags. Could you use shelled raw peanuts, which are easily obtainable over here?
Also, I don't like to add any salt to my food at all, including my home made bread and cheese which taste just fine to me. Has anybody tried boiling the peanuts without salt to see how they turn out? I don't mind giving it a try. I know that they say you should not add salt to the water when you boil foods like dried beans and other legumes, because it toughens the skins and takes longer to cook them.

Maybe they would soften quicker?

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Jan 20, 2013
Boiling shelled raw peanuts
by: Bret

Glad to hear that there is interest in boiled peanuts in the UK.

Yes, you can boiled shelled raw peanuts. They will boil faster than dried raw peanuts in the shell, so sample them early and often for texture. Don't let them become mushy.

The flavor may be a bit different boiling shelled peanuts, because peanut shells contribute vanillin to the taste of boiled peanuts. The kernels also have vanillin, but probably not as much as the shells because of the lignin in the shells.

Peanut shells also contribute antioxidants to boiled peanuts. Peanuts boiled in their shells have up to 4 times the isoflavones of raw, roasted, or fried peanuts, according to researchers at Alabama A&M University.

You don't have to add salt when boiling peanuts, though it is traditional in many countries. I've eaten peanuts boiled without salt. I prefer some salt, but not as much as many people use. I find that salt enhances the flavor of boiled peanuts. You should make them any way that you like.

Boiling peanuts without salt does seem to speed up the softening. Sample them early, sample them often, until they reach the texture that you like.

Aug 28, 2013
Where to find unshelled raw peanuts in the UK
by: Mrs B

Hi, I'm a southern girl living in the UK and I find unshelled raw peanuts in Asian groceries and markets. Tesco even has them next to the ginger and herbs in the summer, but be careful because the bag looks just like the roasted ones which should be near by.

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