Can you reheat boiled peanuts?

How do you store and reheat boiled peanuts?

boiled peanuts

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Jun 04, 2012
Storing and reheating boiled peanuts
by: Bret

You must store boiled peanuts in the refrigerator, or in the freezer. Refrigerated, they are good for about 10 days, tops. Frozen, they will be good for many months.

I like to reheat goobers in hot water. First, thaw frozen peanuts in the refrigerator. Heat enough water to cover the peanuts. The water doesn't have to be boiling. If you bring the pot of water to a boil you can turn the burner off and heat the peanuts in the water as it cools. Otherwise, you can reheat the peanuts in simmering water.

Leave the peanuts in the hot water until they reach the internal temperature that you want. Reheating should take just a few minutes.

If you leave the peanuts in boiling water for a long time they will continue to soften, and they will become less salty. This can be useful if you have some boiled peanuts that are too salty.

Conversely, if the peanuts aren't as salty as you like you can add salt, and other spices to the water as they reheat. Let them simmer and soak to best absorb the flavors. They'll absorb more flavor the longer they soak, until the peanuts and water reach equilibrium.

I've tried reheating boiled peanuts in the microwave with no water. Sometimes they spark, and they dry up as they heat. I don't suggest this method.

I've also put boiled peanuts on a baking pan and heat them in the oven. They dry up, and take on an unusual texture. The salt and spices become more concentrated. I've read that boiled and then dried peanuts are sold in Hawaii.

Oct 14, 2013
Microwave is ok!
by: Anonymous

I filled a shallow glass dish with enough water to cover the boiled peanuts, and microwaved them for 5 minutes. They were great! Just depends on your microwave for the correct time. I'd say start with 3 minutes, then add 1 minute increments until they are how you like them.

Jul 27, 2014
Reheating Cajun Boiled Peanuts
by: Bob W

How can I reheat Cajun boiled peanuts without losing the flavor?

Jun 06, 2019
Cajun boiled peanuts.
by: Anonymous

I buy huge cans of the Cajun boiled peanuts and bring them back home with me since they are not common or sold here. I put the amount of peanuts in a bowl add some of the juice and microwave till the temp I like them. They're perfect.

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