Carver's invention for goiter treatment

by Badiuzzama
(Aurwad, Kolhapur, Maharashtra India)

I want to know Carver's invention for goiter treatment.

G.W. Carver's inventions solved the problem of million's of farmers. The farmers were unhappy due to the low yields of their crop, and the rotation system (planting of groundnut, soybean, etc) resulted in higher yields of the main crop.

For example, a man eats meat, bread, roti daily, then he becomes bored, so he takes salad, vegetables, fruits as a change. The soil also need some change. If a man eat a single thing a whole year he will not get all the nutrition's & vitamins.

In the same way, to improve the fertility of the soil we must rotate the plant cultivation. The rotation increases nitrogen fixing, azotobacter , psbacteria & fibre materials which results higher yields. By the grace of Allah, by the grace of God, the pious man Mr G.W. Carver has given a push to the stable world through his opinions & inventions.

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