Chili Lime Boiled Peanuts

by Chef Grant
(Gainesville, FL)

I'd been craving boiled peanuts for several days but wanted to try something different as well. I'd just bought Badia brand Chili Lime seasoning to use on some ribeyes and decided to substitute this for the Cajun seasoning I normally use. They came out so good I wanted to share.

Add the following ingredients to a large stock pot:

3 lbs - Green Peanuts in Shell (washed)
1/2 cup - Sea Salt
1/2 cup - Badia Chili Lime Seasoning
1/2 tbs Red Pepper Flakes (increase amount for greater heat)
1 tsp - Black Pepper Table Grind
1/4 cup - Minced Garlic

Add enough water to cover the peanuts plus an extra 3" of water. Bring to a rolling boil then reduce heat to low and cook until done (about 3 hours).

Remove cooked peanuts and drain. Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle with additional Chili Lime Seasoning and Salt. Enjoy!

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