Dried Peanuts vs Raw Peanuts Question

by David
(Anchorage, AK)


I am hoping to start selling boiled peanuts at a weekly market here in Anchorage, Alaska. I'm from Savannah, Georgia, so I get the boiled peanut thing. How long do raw peanuts keep, since delivery up here would take a few days? I figure I'll need dried but wonder if raw, not dried, have any taste advantages. Any suggestions where I can order peanuts? There are a lot of sources on the internet, but thought you may be familiar with a good place. What is the going price for 16oz cup down there? I'll have to add the Alaska up-charge.

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Apr 23, 2012
Raw Peanuts
by: Bret

I think it's great that you want to sell boiled peanuts in Anchorage.

Raw peanuts are uncooked peanuts. Raw peanuts are either dried to 10% moisture content, or green, freshly dug peanuts with 35% to 50% moisture.

Properly stored, dried peanuts can be good for 1 year, maybe longer. I've boiled dried peanuts that were stored at room temperature for more than 1 year, and they were fine. If they are too old, the dried peanuts will not soften from boiling.

Green peanuts will spoil quickly if not stored properly, due to their high moisture content. They must be kept cold and dry. They will spoil if they become wet, or if they are not kept cold. I have read that green peanuts can be frozen, and then boiled. I've never done that, but have kept boiled peanuts frozen for several months.

When I have green peanuts shipped to me in Colorado, the sellers insist on 2 day air shipment. This is very expensive. Dried peanuts can be shipped by ground, and do not require refrigeration. This is much cheaper.

Most boiled peanuts lovers notice a difference in boiled dried peanuts, versus boiled green peanuts. I know people that live in peanut country that insist boiled peanuts must be made with green peanuts. I also know people that prefer eating boiled dried peanuts.

I prefer boiling green peanuts, but the cost is prohibitive for me, living in Colorado. The shipping charges for green peanuts, with 2 day air, is about double the price of the green peanuts themselves. Green peanuts also weigh more per unit volume, because of their high moisture content.

Make sure you are buying raw peanuts intended for human consumption. The FDA regulates the acceptable levels of aflatoxin to 20 parts per billion for human consumption.

Keep us posted on your Alaskan boiled peanut venture.

May 30, 2012
Are you selling boiled peanuts at the weekend market?
by: Adam

Please tell me you have started selling them.

Jun 04, 2012
Peanuts at the Saturday market
by: David

We will start selling peanuts at the market this Saturday, the 9th. Hope to see you there.


Jun 08, 2012
Boiled Peanuts at Saturday Market
by: David

I was talking with a friend about boiled peanuts, and am happy to hear you will be selling them at the Saturday Market.

Jun 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have been frequenting the Saturday market (the one by C street and 1st street). I don't see you there. What days do you plan on being there?

Nov 24, 2013
Savannah, Georgia native
by: Anonymous


I'm also from Savannah, Georgia and boil peanuts for myself and friends at least weekly. I prefer green to raw, but either works fine.

One question - has anyone in Anchorage ever even tried a BOILED PEANUT??

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