Four Stages of Boiled Peanut Addiction

by Gary Draffin
(Glenville, North Carolina)

Hot Boiled Peanuts, Glenville, North Carolina

Hot Boiled Peanuts, Glenville, North Carolina

I am a boiled peanut Vendor in Glenville, North Carolina, on highway 107 at the Marina. I came up with the four stages of a Boiled Peanut Addiction, look and see where you're at.

First Stage: Your friend gives you some of his boiled peanuts to try, you decide that "those were Good!"

Second Stage: you see a Hot Boiled Peanut Sign while you are driving down the road, you slam on brakes, turn around and go back and get some.

Third Stage: You Scour the net looking for the recipes on how to make your own Hot Boiled Peanuts. You find Boiled Peanut World. You make your own boiled peanuts.

Fourth Stage: You get to where I am. You open your own Hot Boiled Peanut Stand on the side of the road. You have found a way to get everybody else to support you addiction!

I guess the next stage is when you get your very own Peanut Farm.

After all they are "JUST PEANUTS"

Don't think you're addicted yet? Come by my stand and I will help you get addicted. Don't like them at all, I have a Fresh Roasted Peanut Machine, just for you.


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Jun 16, 2016
by: Leanne

Help! My boyfriend is at stage 3 and contemplating moving up to stage 4. Any suggestions?

Dec 07, 2016
Come and get um
by: Anonymous

Circle K gas stations in Florida have them!
Get in your car now!
Cajun and original flavor.
Scoop extra brine to boil more at home LOL
they sell cans of flavoring.

Dec 12, 2017
Live off Cajun peanuts
by: Abigail

Cajun Boiled Peanuts have been my addiction over 10 years now. But I never thought about selling them or making them myself! I'm so picky about the spicy flavor I get from the gas station on USAFB in Mississippi. They are my comfort food.

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