Green chile boiled peanuts recipe

by Tyler
(Durango, Colorado)

Boiling peanuts with green chiles

Boiling peanuts with green chiles

Any suggestions for making green chile boiled peanuts?

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Nov 11, 2013
Green chile boiled peanuts
by: Bret

I grew up eating boiled peanuts, and I love green chili so the combination of boiled peanuts and roasted green chiles sounded delicious. I was determined to make a recipe that would infuse green chile flavor into boiled peanuts.

I simmered some boiled peanuts in a pot full of pureed roasted green chile peppers, some lime juice, garlic, and cumin.

I let the pot cool, then brought it back to a simmer, and let it cool again. Repeating this cycle several times, I still could not infuse the green chili taste into the peanuts inside the shells.

After soaking the boiled peanuts in the chili juice, in the refrigerator for 3 nights, the heat from the peppers infused the peanuts, but not the roasted green pepper flavor.

Eating the boiled peanuts along with the chili puree is a good tasting combination, but that flavor just does not seem to penetrate the peanut shell into the peanuts.

I hope there is a solution to this challenge, but I haven't found it, yet.

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