How Long do Boiled Peanuts Keep?

If kept in a crock pot and not eaten that day, then refrigerated overnight, and put back in a crock pot the next day, will they still be good? If so, how many days may I do that before they go bad?

boiled peanuts

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Feb 29, 2012
How Long Boiled Peanuts Stay Fresh
by: Bret

Since you are refrigerating your boiled peanuts they should stay fresh for several days. I've eaten boiled peanuts a week after refrigeration, and they still tasted fresh. I think that reboiling the peanuts after refrigeration, then returning the leftovers again to the refrigerator will keep them tasting fresh for several more days.

Refrigerated boiled peanuts should stay fresh as long as refrigerated boiled dried beans.

Mar 01, 2012
10 days refrigerated
by: Anonymous

The food safety people say 10 days refrigerated or a year frozen.

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