How to soften shells on boiled peanuts?

by Linda Sue
(WPB Florida)

I have been slowly boiling my peanuts but the shell is really hard what can I use to soften the shell? Ive been boiling them since yesterday afternoon about 24 hrs now. Would olive oil do the trick??

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Jun 21, 2012
Soft shelled boiled peanuts
by: Bret

Linda Sue,
There is no benefit to adding oil while boiling peanuts. The softness of the shell is a function of the maturity of the raw peanuts you boil, not how they are cooked.

Immature green peanuts have a very soft shell. They are prized by some boiled peanut lovers because you can eat them shell and all. They are called pops.

You didn't mention how soft the peanuts themselves have become after cooking them for 24 hours. Are the peanuts done to your liking (other than the shell hardness)?

The fact that you have boiled them for 24 hours tells me that you are boiling dried peanuts. Dried peanuts tend to be mature, and fully formed within the shell. Green peanuts have a greater likelihood of including immature peanuts, with soft shells. Green peanuts are primarily sold for boiling.

Peanuts are an indeterminate crop, meaning they continue to produce new flowers, and form new peanuts throughout their life (typically until the first freeze). The peanuts harvested from a single peanut plant can range from immature pods, to fully mature, to old and nasty, if grown long enough. Farmers try to harvest their peanut plants when they are at their optimal yield.

If you like soft shells on your boiled peanuts, look for green peanuts. These are most common in peanut growing areas, because green peanuts must be sold, cooked, and eaten within a few days after harvest. Else, they spoil soon, due to their high moisture content.

There are many peanut farms in central and north Florida. When I lived in southeastern Alabama, we often bought Valencia peanuts from Ocala, Florida. You should be able to buy green peanuts there. Green peanuts are be available for many months in Florida, because of the long growing season at lower latitudes.

Jun 29, 2012
Boiled peanuts
by: Nikki

We can only get the dried raw peanuts in Ohio. I take 4 pounds, and completely submerge them in a light brine solution for 2 days. Boiling time is only 2 to 3 hours.

Aug 08, 2012
Pre Soaking
by: Papa Tom

As in Ohio, I can only get dry raw peanuts here in Michigan. I like to soak mine in a Lemon Juice plus water mix for 12-15 hours before I start the boiling process.

May 17, 2019
How to soften shells on boiled peanuts
by: Anonymous

In the off season I as well boil dry peanuts from Ohio. Yes in Florida! Go local when greens are in. I cover with cold water in my pot."I use 120 quart pot" no salt none zero zip it clogs the pores on the peanut. Boil in only water for 8 hrs then I add my salt. I use quite a bit. Boil one more hour after the addition of salt. So 9 hrs burner off and soak over nite. Typically 12 hrs.

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