How to Tell They are Done and How to Get the Brine in Them.

by Bayou Andy

I boil mine and stir them every 15 to 20 minutes. Bring those on the bottom to the top. I pull a few out after an hour or so and test them. I keep pulling a few out in 15 minute intervals to make sure they are done. As for getting the brine into the peanuts, I treat them just like I do when I boil crawfish. When I've reach the degree of doneness I want, I pour a 10 lb. bag of ice on to the peanuts and put the top on the pot. Let them soak as long as you want. I do continue to test them. The severe change in the water temp. makes the peanuts suck up the tasty brine you made. The hard part is washing the pot.

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