I don't like Boiled Peanuts

by Jackie

Tried these today with some coworkers. Disgusting! Mushy, salty, and tasted like dirt. Yuck!

boiled peanuts

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Apr 23, 2012
I Love Boiled Peanuts!
by: Bret

Many people don't like boiled peanuts. Many of us love boiled peanuts. The unique taste and texture of boiled peanuts make them a polarizing food.

I love boiled peanuts, but have tasted some that were terrible. A friend brought me some boiled peanuts from a convenience store in Georgia that were so nasty that I couldn't eat them. They tasted old and mushy. I don't like canned boiled peanuts at all. If those were the only ones I had ever eaten, I would hate boiled peanuts, too.

It may be that you will never like boiled peanuts. It may be that your first taste were of bad boiled peanuts. What was the source of the boiled peanuts that you ate?

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. To me, good boiled peanuts are not mushy, not overly salty, and do not taste like dirt. I boil my own peanuts from high quality dried Valencia peanuts. I carefully measure the amount of salt I use to suit my personal taste (not as salty as many). The amount of salt should enhance the natural flavors, not overpower them. I boil my peanuts until they soften, but still have a bit of firmness to them, not mushy at all. I don't like mushy boiled peanuts.

Boiled peanuts are boiled beans. If you don't like beans, you probably won't like boiled peanuts. Boiled peanuts have a unique taste, not exactly like any other bean. Some say boiled peanuts have a meaty taste. Some say they taste similar to pinto beans, lima beans, or other beans. Some say they taste similar to edamame (boiled soybeans), but more savory. To me, boiled peanuts have a gentle peanut flavor, combined with a meaty taste. I like to shell them and eat them with rice.

You have made up your mind that you hate boiled peanuts on your first experience. Remember, all boiled peanuts are not created equal.

My approach to new foods is "I'll try anything twice."

Dec 18, 2012
Too much work
by: Mike

They're okay but nothing special. If I want soft, mushy peanuts I'll just open a jar of peanut butter. I put them in the same category as Maryland crab, king crab, and lobster; too much work to make them really enjoyable. Unlike roasted peanuts which are easy to crack open and don't leave a slimy mess all over your hands and fingers.

Feb 03, 2013
Mushy, slimy boiled peanuts
by: Bret

All boiled peanuts are not good boiled peanuts.

If the boiled peanuts you had were mushy and difficult to remove from the shells, then they were overcooked. If they were slimy, then they were spoiled.

Salt water is not slimy. Fresh boiled peanuts are not slimy. Boiled peanuts that were not stored refrigerated, or old, spoiled boiled peanuts will become slimy and nasty.

Only overcooked boiled peanuts are mushy and hard to remove from the shells. Properly boiled peanuts are easy to remove from the shell.

Some people hate boiled peanuts, some of us love them. Don't judge all boiled peanuts based on one tasting of overcooked or spoiled boiled peanuts.

May 25, 2014
"I don't like Boiled Peanuts"
by: Bootleg Dave

I get this every now and then.
I just don't understand, why folks will go OUT of their way to express their dislike for Boiled Peanuts.
I guess I'm too darn lazy to cross the street to tell someone that I don't like something they are selling or eating. Lol!


Nov 05, 2014
Peanuts and Pizza
by: Anonymous

Luv boiled peanuts on a cheese pizza.
ummm ummm good..

Feb 18, 2015
I like 'em mushy
by: Keri

It may be due to the fact that my first exposure to boiled peanuts was the canned variety when my local gas station convenience store started carrying them ("Margaret Holmes Peanut Patch" brand), but I actually prefer them mushy and salty. I've gotten some that are still a little "al dente" and don't really like those ones at all. I can't wait to try making them myself at home so I can get them to the perfect consistency for my own preferences!

Aug 22, 2017
Margarit Holmes
by: Kat

LOVE them boiled peanuts. Just wish I lived close enough to pick some up. I saw online they are available in a can. I used to be able to get them online from Young Plantation in a pouch... I am a Jersey girl wanting SC boiled nuts from the corner gas station 😌

Dec 22, 2017
I Love Boiled Peanuts
by: Pocky

I F*CKIN love Boiled peanuts, Lol.
boiled peanuts

Sep 14, 2022
Love them Legumes!
by: Sparkina

I think boiled peanuts are PLENTY OF TASTY! Flavorful little legumes, firm but tender to the bite. I use them in casseroles, chilis and other recipes that call for beans, (which is what peanuts technically are!) Yes, I use the canned kind (Peanut Patch brand) and I think they’re delish!
boiled peanuts

Dec 10, 2023
Dude - really?
by: Padraig

Boiled peanuts are not for everyone. Some people don't have good taste. It's not a problem.

I personally don't like most people. Some people might like them, but I don't.

I am 50% Irish, 50% Swedish, 50% German, 10% Scottish, 40% Welsh, but 100% American.

I don't like Haegus. Or Swedish Surströmming.

But I don't bother to go on forums lauding those particular foods and lambast their favorite things. Cause I might be a jerk, but I'm not a AH.

Read the room, fella.

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