Just pressure cook Peanuts. Much faster.

by Prasad Seshadri
(Las Vegas)

Just pressure cook peanuts with salt and water. Much faster. You can eat in 15 minutes. 7 minutes for the cooker to start whistling and about 8 minutes for the pressure to go down enough to be able to remove the lid.

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Jun 06, 2021
Pressure cooking peanuts
by: Bret

Thanks for you comment, Prasad. Are you talking about pressure cooking green peanuts, just pulled from the ground, and still very moist?

Dried raw peanuts take at least 50 minutes of pressure cooking to soften.

Jul 07, 2021
Pressure cooker 4 hours
by: Anonymous

Under pressure for 4 hours can't believe it. Peanuts are soft inside but not as flavorful the shell is too tough. This is my 6th batch what am I doing wrong?. Seasonings disintegrate the jalapeno peppers onions bell peppers. Maybe 2lb of peanuts Raw I'm packing my pressure cooker too full could that be my problem? It's a pressure cooker I thought as long as I stay at the line it should be okay but maybe not enough water. I just read about the salt issue so from now on I'll salt later. Please help nothing like eating peanuts and ice cold beer watching NASCAR. The peanuts I am buying are beautiful large and only $2 at Walmart per 1 lb bag. They all have the consistency and size.
boiled peanuts

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