Leaving boiled peanuts out overnight (inside your house) without refrigeration.

by Greg B
(North Georgia Mountains)

Have a question here, or more like a concern, about leaving boiled peanuts (still in their boiled brine) in the pot from which they just boiled in and NOT refrigerating them. Granted, the peanuts are still hot and stay that way for several hours while still submerged in the brine, but....... let's now look at the food safety aspect of the other side of the equation. All I read about is that after boiling it is fine to let them soak in their brine, which I always do until I'm satisfied with their final taste, for an hour or so and that this is completely safe. So.... I got to thinking thus my question/concern. If you purchase dry RAW peanuts for boiling, which is about all I use, we all normally soak them in water for say..24 hours, sometimes longer, for them to draw in moisture. If this is the case, and we are adding moisture to our fresh RAW peanuts, what is to say that these peanuts cannot develop a fungus, bacteria or mold on their shells while sitting out at room temperature for such a long period of time soaking? My question is proposed in opposition (not meaning argument here by any means, more like food for thought and discussion purposes....lol :) to everything you read about rather quickly needing to refrigerate freshly boiled goobers. Any and all comments are gladly welcomed. Thanks!

Georgia born and raised by the Grace of God!

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Nov 20, 2021
Always refrigerate peanuts that are wet
by: Bret

I have soaked dried raw peanuts for 24 hours (refrigerated) prior to cooking, and decided it is not worth the time. I pressure cook dried peanuts and find no benefit from soaking them. If you do soak the peanuts prior to boiling you must keep them refrigerated to prevent growth of bacteria, and mold.

Dried peanuts, and dried beans have 10% moisture by weight which prevents spoilage. Green raw peanuts with 35% to 50% moisture by weight must be refrigerated or frozen prior to cooking as they will spoil at room temperature. All moist peanuts must be refrigerated for food safety.

Nov 22, 2021
Thank you for the answer to my question
by: Greg B

Thanks Bret for the answer. I appreciate it!

Dec 02, 2021
Loving the cooler temps here in Georgia and starting to see success in my new venture
by: Greg B

Hey Bret, I'm really enjoying this forum. Once again, thank you for your first comment on this thread/question. I have been boiling peanuts for many many many years and all of my friends and family usually don't leave any left over for me to enjoy after I leave my house, run to town for some errands, and return back home.... haha. I'm always like, "HEY...... come on now..... uins could have at least of left me a few kernels of meat....."😂. So.....after much 'urging' from my friends and family that I needed to start selling my boiled peanuts, I decided to try my hand at selling these Southern caviars. Well, about a month into it now, (knock on wood) I have yet to have someone NOT buy either my regular recipe or my special delicious Cajun recipe after I let them sample them which I think is an absolute necessity before a customer forks over their hard earned money. I've even taken it a step further and I'm now experimenting with both Habanero and [YES]..... Carolina Reaper peppers! Let me tell ya, it don't take much of the Reaper "dust" (as I call it and how I make and prepare the insanely hot Reaper powder). The consensus so far on my Habanero blend has been very positive. I just love it when I ask customers what they like and there's always that tough guy that says, "The hotter... the better.... I ain't never eaten a peanut that was too hot......". Only to see tears welt up in their eyes moments later after devouring two or three of the my new Habanero recipe. And yes....so far everyone who has tried this new Habanero blend of mine have purchased a 32 oz. cup!!! I guess I'm on the right track here with a REALLY spicy and delicious new concoction. I give ALL Thanks to our Lord for allowing me the ability to have come this far with my peanut business in such a short preriod of time.
I guess I got long winded here (sorry folks) but I just love the challenge of creating something that is so satisfying to eat and much more importantly being a very healthy snack. I have a health condition that forced me to retire early from my former line of work and God has opened up yet another door for me to help supplement my family's income for which I am very thankful.
One last thing..... in regards to the opening question in this post about refrigeration, I am so glad the outside temps here where I live are now down into the lower to mid 30's overnight. What could be a more convenient way than to use the overnight outside temps to store my soaking raw peanuts until I get up in the morning....lol!!! Now the wife is off my back about me rearranging our refrigerator to make room for several pots of soaking peanuts so as to keep them below that important 40 degree food safety temperature with wet peanuts! Sometimes ya have to think outside the box. God Bless you all and happy peanut cooking, eating and selling if that's something you do!!!
-Greg B

Jul 14, 2022
Selling Boiled Peanuts in the Winter in Florida ?
by: Annie

Hello all you boiled peanut nuts like me! We recently purchased a boiled peanut stand set up , well actually it was 3 set ups. and have been doing very well with our Regular and Cajun recipes, people actually buying by the gallon!!! Awesome right?
Well it is July here in FL and still of course very hot for another few months (we are in North FL close to the GA line and it does get cold here) , so it is JUly and we are really just getting going well with peanut stands, but the regular season of peanuts will come to an end in a few months.
So my husband and I are considering selling hot boiled peanuts through the end of the year, and my question is...what are ya'lls thoughts on selling in the colder weather? Do you think people would still want them in the cold weather ? Or should we pack it all up for the winter? Just looking for other peoples input here.
Also does anyone know somewhere to buy dried not dry roasted but dried peanuts to boil after the fresh green ones are no longer available? I have made many calls, and searched all over the internet and all i can find are the raw green or dry roasted and have read that the dry roasted do not taste that great after boiling> Any comments or guidance would be greatly appreciated ! Still learning the ropes so to speak! Thank you in advance!
How much do you sell your peanuts for? 32 ounce 20 ounce and 8 ounce? we do 32 for $10 20 for $7 and the 8 for $5 ... thanks again

Jun 14, 2023
Boiling Not for Human Consumption Peanuts from Farm Supply Stores
by: Anonymous

I buy the raw peanuts for birds and squirrels from a farm supply. I enquired about the "not for human " on the label and the company said that was because the peanuts were raw. But once the peanuts were cooked the are fine for people. Usually run about $2.00 a pound. They are Virginia type peanuts.

Mar 03, 2024
Where to find Raw Peanuts ,
by: Terry Stokes

I buy my Raw Peanuts from Wrights Produce on the market in Montgomery Al. I use dry from January Thru June. Our Local Growers start digging around June the 15th. We can get some out of South Fl but the have gotten to high in price. If you will check with the produce suppliers around you area they may have them. I know they are some produce markets around Thomasville that has some.

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