Newbie Help Boiling Peanuts

by Lindsay
(Orlando, Fl)

Hey there boiled pnut pros! I’m so glad to have found you here! I'm boiling only my 2nd batch of raw dried peanuts and trying to apply the principles I’ve learned here so far. I waited until the peanuts were softening until adding the salt and Cajun spices. They cooked in my crockpot for about 12 hours total then soaked off heat overnight. The brine when I taste it with a spoon is very salty and spicy but it hasn’t reached the inside yet even after that soak. Do I just need to let it soak longer or do I need to add more spice to the brine? Simmer some more? Thanks for your input!

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Apr 11, 2020
Getting the Flavor Inside
by: Boiled Peanut World

How soft are the peanuts? They have to be soft first, only then can they soak up the flavors in the brine. We like to simmer them after they soften, then let them soak as they cool. You can repeat the simmer, soak cycles until they taste like you want.

Some flavors seem to be harder to penetrate the shells. We've had problems getting the flavor of roasted green chilies inside the shells. You want to get as much brine inside the shells to maximize the flavor. Cooling the peanuts in the brine in the refrigerator can help that process.

We tend to be cautious about adding more seasoning to the brine (especially salt), because it can become too strong once the peanuts become soft, and the juice penetrates the shells.

Good luck!

Jul 28, 2020
by: Lindsay

Thanks BPW for answering my question:) I’ll keep trying to perfect the boiling and simmering times!

Aug 10, 2020
How much salt to 30 lbs of boiled peanuts?
by: Anonymous

Hi I’m new to raw peanuts
I would like to sell boiled peanuts.
I will be buying raw peanuts in $30 bags n boiling them.
Can anyone tell me how much salt for 30 lbs?
Not over salting them.
I hear to cook peanuts then salt them?? Is that correct??
I’ve heard 3 boxes of salt per $30 pounds.
Anybody sell peanuts and know how much per pound?
Cooking time any one??
I know it will depend on how hot your fire is too.
Any thoughts to help me?

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