No crab boil for me!

by Linda T.
(Orlando, Florida)

I truly dislike the flavor of crab or shrimp boil, something is just plain ol' off about it. I start with making normal boiled peanuts, salt-water, and add a few chicken bouillon cubes, onion and garlic. As they get close to done, I add heat- cayenne (red) pepper, dried pepper flakes, fresh jalapenos or datil peppers, at least one habanero. Taste. Sometimes I'll toss in Chipotle tabasco - yummy smoked flavor! Not many eat food as hot spicy as I do, so I make a separate batch that kicks it up a notch.

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May 24, 2014
No crab or shrimp boil for me either
by: lynda

That packaged spice mix is awful, ruined a good pot of green peanuts using it. Can't figure out why 99% of recipes use it, nasty. I'm trying yours now, wish I had a couple of datil peppers, but I'll come up with something. And yes, love the Chipotle Tabasco too! Thanks so much for sharing!

Feb 25, 2018
crab boil
by: Dave

I can understand some people not liking the crab boil ....BUT....There are people out there that do. I have actually had many request for it so I do make it sometimes and try to please at least the regular customers...... :-) I personally like the ole standby Peppers etc:

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