Packages for Selling Boiled Peanuts

by Robert
(Tuscaloosa, Alabama)

I'm selling boiled peanuts alongside the road out of a 100 qt. pot. My peanuts are sold warm and tasty. However, I would like to find a way that I could package a small amount to sell. I thought that the food saver bag might work, it looks good at first but then it loses the vacuum. I think that the vacuum in the bag sucks the air out of the peanuts and the vacuum is lost. Do any of you have a suggestion?

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Jun 12, 2020
cup for peanuts
by: Gator Lau

I used to sell roasted peanuts in a soft drink cup.
The cups were provided to me free by an A&W root beer stand who also included a coupon for a free root beer to the bearer. So, when someone bought peanuts, he got a free root beer too. I don't know if anyone is doing that type thing now, but its worth some checking into.
I also bought some boiled peanuts at a baseball game in Jacksonville, FLs few years ago that were served in a soft drink cup.
I think the cup makes the purchase look bigger to the purchaser, and has nice eye appeal.
That's what I am planning to do when I get my BBQ stand going. Wish you the best. If you found a good packaging, please let this forum know.

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