Peanut Boiling Pot Corrosion?

by Lauren R.

Hello fellow boiled peanut folks! So we have been making our own boiled peanuts for a few weeks now, but we are currently experiencing an issue with the boiling pot corroding... We are doing large batches for family and friends and so we are using a large seafood boiling pot with a propane burner (see attached picture). Unfortunately, however, tonight while we were cleaning the pot, we noticed quite a bit of the aluminum was starting to show corrosion already, and we've only had the pots for a week. Any tips, tricks, or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Jul 02, 2020
aluminum corrosion
by: Dave

I also use the aluminum.. (Stainless steel would be better), Aluminum has been around for years also..and yes it will corrode, using salts and acids makes it worse. (just going to happen) BUT ! The main thing is....Don't let the water etc: set in the pot, when your finished wash and dry it out really good..

Oct 04, 2021
Pot corrosion
by: Tim

Definitely clean the pot between uses.I use sos pads on mine after use. I have several pots over 30 years old and still look really good.

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