Peanuts to boil in Colorado

by Dave Hucks
(Frederick, Colorado)

I recently moved from South Carolina to Colorado and I'm beginning to need some boiled peanuts. I was about to order some green peanuts from Hardy Farms in Georgia, but found that the minimum shipping charge for $18.00 worth of peanuts is about fifty dollars! Does anybody know of a less expensive source? Or ideally, a source here in Colorado (Denver area).

Much obliged!
Dave from the beach

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Aug 30, 2015
How to get fresh boiled peanuts where you live.
by: Call me

Contact Rusty's Nutz of Chattanooga & Atlanta. 2 FB pages

Order 1 or 2 gallons. Shipping is not that expensive.

Sep 13, 2015
Peanuts to boil in Colorado
by: Bret

The closest source to you for green peanuts is Portales, New Mexico.

Shipping charges of green peanuts is expensive as they are full of moisture, and they spoil quickly even when refrigerated.

Have you ever boiled dried raw peanuts? That's what we do. Dried peanuts are available year round, and shipping charges are negligible.


May 14, 2017
Coming Soon!
by: Lane's Nuts

Be on the look out for some boiled peanuts here in Denver. I'm a Florida native and can't take not having them in every gas station any longer.

I'll have my first batch ready at the Denver Beer Co. Sun Drenched Music Festival at their Canworks facility on June 3, 2017! Come and have some.


May 15, 2017
Boiled peanuts in Colorado
by: Bret

How wonderful! Follow your passion! The Front Range needs boiled peanuts. Keep us posted on the details, and create your own webpage on Boiled Peanut World right here.

May 27, 2017
Boiled Peanuts in Denver
by: Dave from the Beach

Are you still planning to have boiled peanuts at Denver Beer on June 3rd?

May 30, 2017
Denver Beer Co
by: Lane's Nuts

Dave- I will be there and they will be hot n ready! I'll be at the Unleaded Group tent. Come grab a Koozie and some tasty boiled nuts!


Aug 29, 2017
by: Anonymous

I don't remember exactly where but when I visited Denver I found a Farm supply store that had dry peanuts for sale in bulk 25-50lb bags for sale as a feed for wild game animals,birds,deer etc. luck!!

Nov 05, 2018
did you ever make them?
by: Megan

Anybody cook nuts at higher altitudes? I live in Denver, 5280 feet. How much longer should I expect to cook my boiled peanuts? I used raw-not green. Its been about 30 hours in the crock pot on high plus 8 hours on low, but they still have very hard shells, are about halfway as soft inside as I'd like and have yet to really absorb the flavors of the brine. Should it really take more than 2 days?

PS. original poster; I got dry raw nuts from Pacific Ocean Asian Market.

Nov 25, 2018
Boiling Peanuts at Altitude
by: Boiled Peanut World

I also boil dried peanuts at a mile above sea level. I can't speak to using a slow cooker for boiling them, as I have never done that. I've used a stock pot on the stove, but mostly use a Presto pressure cooker at 15 lb pressure to reduce the cooking time dramatically.

It may be that your slow cooker cannot create a rolling boil like a pot on the stove. Also, using salt water from the begining increases the boiling time required to soften them. Many of us boil the peanuts in plain water, and add the salt after the peanuts soften. The flavor of the brine will not penetrate the shell, and peanuts inside until they soften.

If you have hard water, full of minerals, that will also slow the softening of dried peanuts when boiling them. A friend of ours boiled peanuts in Fort Collins, and had to boil them for 48 hours before they softened to his liking. He used more salt than I typically use. I had boiled the same peanuts for about 24 hours in Boulder.

The bottom line is boil them until they soften to your liking, then simmer, and soak them until they absorb the briney flavor.

Many online recipes call for more salt than is needed, then recommend removing the peanuts from the brine so that they do not become too salty. If you use the proper amount of salt, the peanuts can soak indefinitely, and never become too salty. We suggest starting with 1 tablespoon of salt per pint of water, which is ½ cup of salt per gallon. Adjust to your taste.

One final factor that we've seen causing extra long boiling times is the age of the dried peanuts. Several years ago I purchased 48 pounds of dried Valencia peanuts from Portales, New Mexico. I notice that after 1.5 years from their purchase they took longer to soften, and by 2 years their taste, and texture was unpleasant no matter how long they boiled.

You might consider using a pressure cooker to boil your peanuts at altitude.

Nov 26, 2018
by: Megan

Thanks, yeah its definitely the slow cooker not boiling rapidly enough, I transferred to the stove top after a day in slow cooker didn't do much, it was a dramatic difference, they started softening rapidly.
boiled peanuts

Nov 26, 2018
Turkey fryer
by: Anonymous

I use a propane turkey fryer and move them into the crockpot after a good few hours of boiling.

You're in Denver, Megan? Me too.

Mar 31, 2019
Still Around?
by: Shawn

Are you still serving boiled peanuts in the Springs?

Feb 15, 2020
by: Lane’s Nuts

Anybody want to go in on a bulk green nut order? Put em in gallon bags and freeze and are available with a short crock simmer.

Feb 29, 2020
by: Jack

Lane, what were you thinking about a bulk order? I'll try to check this regularly but im interested in throwing down my man. My email is

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