Pickle Juice Flavored Boiled Peanuts

by Michael Riggins
(Albany Georgia )

Can you add pickle juice to boiled peanuts to add a pickle flavor to the peanuts?

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Oct 09, 2022
Flavoring Boiled Peanuts with Pickle Juice
by: Bret


You certainly can flavor boiled peanuts with pickle juice! There are no rules limiting the flavors you can add to boiled peanuts. It's up to you!

Just substitute pickle juice for water while boiling the peanuts. The flavor in the juice will concentrate as the water evaporates, so you may want to add water as the liquid level drops. You might want to add salt, depending on your taste preference.

Let us know how they turn out!

Jul 31, 2023
Pickle Juice
by: Kevin (Alabama)

I tried these and found that pickle juice alone didn't seem to be enough. I added salt, dill weed and a bit of vinegar to the batch and they turned out well. What I haven't tried, is the gallon jug of extra strength dill pickle juice that walmart sells. I bought a few gallons but have yet to try it.

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