Pot Size for Boiling 50 Pounds of Peanuts

by Jimmy
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Can anyone tell me an appropriate size pot to boil a whole 50 pound bag of dried peanuts at once? Would 120 quarts work? I need the smallest pot possible that will still work. Thanks!

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Mar 06, 2012
Pot Size
by: Bootleg Dave

I have a 120 quart pot and have boiled 50 lbs at a time in it, but it was NO fun! To me, that was too many in the pot - I ended up breaking a lot of peanuts because it was just to thick to stir. I would recommend a larger pot to cook 50 lbs of peanuts.


Sep 07, 2015
Huge Pressure Cooker!
by: Dirty Deek

Anyone have an outlet for a HUGE pressure cooker? This deal of having to cook dried nuts up to 24 hours over propane is just silly. At special events, it's all about speed and how fast you can sell because you're at the fair only so many hours.

Where can you get BIG pressure cookers?

Sep 09, 2015
Large pressure cooker
by: Anonymous

The largest "pressure cooker" I've seen is a 41 quart model by All-American. It's $400 on Amazon.
Anything larger than that and I think they call them "retorts" and they are mostly used to "pressure sterilize" a whole pallet of cans. Good luck with that! I'd buy a commercial boiler first.

Nov 22, 2015
Boiling Dried Peanuts?
by: Anonymous

I never heard of anyone boiling dried peanuts. I grew up in the south and everyone boiled raw green peanuts which only takes a few hours to cook in large batches.

Mar 08, 2017
by: Tonjha

Hi, I have recently bought a Boiled Peanut cart and am wondering, should I have the pot already boiled and just keep the heat on low to keep the peanuts warm, or should I arrive earlier to freshly boil them?

Jun 05, 2023
by: Randy

I’ve got 2 27 gal pots. 25lbs in each boil great.

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