Pressure Cooker Time when Boiling Peanuts?

by Regina
(Virginia )

I am boiling Jumbo raw peanuts in a pressure cooker. How long do you recommend they cook?

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Sep 29, 2014
Boiling peanuts in a pressure cooker
by: Andrew

We do 12 minutes in the pressure cooker and they are pretty mushy. But we boil them 30 minutes on the stove and I don't get this thing about 3 hours+

Nov 27, 2014
pressure cooking raw dried peanuts
by: Bret

Regina, it depends on which type of raw peanuts you are boiling. Green peanuts soften much quicker than dried raw peanuts. I tend to boil green peanuts without pressure because they only take a couple of hours to soften at atmospheric pressure.

Follow your pressure cookers instructions for safety, and the maximum liquid level.

I usually boil dried raw peanuts in the pressure cooker for about 55 minutes at 15 pounds pressure. After cooking them, remove the pot from the burner, and let the pressure drop naturally. When the pressure has dropped to atmospheric pressure, and the lid interlock has released, it is safe to remove the lid.

I continue to boil them in the open pot for an hour, or more until they soften to my liking. Let them soak in the cooling brine to saturate the shell with salty goodness.

Read more about pressure cooking dried peanuts here.

Aug 29, 2018
Green peanuts in the pressure cooker
by: Anonymous

I cook green peanuts for 10 minutes at 15 lbs pressure. They are done but will need to soak in the salted water for a while.

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