Ruining my dutch ovens boiling peanuts in them

What would someone recommend, other than a giant witches' caldron, to boil peanuts in? I thought maybe a turkey fryer or something like that, but would like some opinions.

Thanks in advance.

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Apr 30, 2017
Stainless steel, or aluminium pot
by: Bret

Stainless steel pots of a given thickness (gauge) will last longer than aluminum pot of the same thickness, but either is fine for boiling peanuts.

How are your dutch ovens being ruined by boiling peanuts in them? What materials are they made with? Are they coated, if so, with what?


May 02, 2017
Dutch oven
by: Anonymous

You have to wash them every time you get done done boiling them. But stainless steel is the way to go!

Jul 01, 2017
Leaning aluminum pots after boiling peanuts (or anything else that leaves a water stain..
by: Louise

At our family reunion we boil peanuts in huge pots. Cooks a bushel of green peanuts with room left over. Used to have to scrub them clean until I finally convinced them to fill the pot with clean water, bring to a boil and add (for a pot that big) 2 quarts of bottled lemon juice. One quart probably would have been plenty but I wanted to be sure it came clean. Dump the water in a place where you won't damage grass. Wash the pot with soap and water, rinse and dry. NO SCRUBBING your fingers to the bone. Our pot is new aluminum. Old aluminum ones are cleaned the same way.

Sep 15, 2019
You can use a Crock Pot
by: Anonymous

You can use a crockpot, or slowcooker. However, if cooking for a crowd, a larger pot as suggested would be better. But, for snacking, we use a crockpot.

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