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Peanuts are a rich topic for science fair projects. We have fun experimenting with peanuts, and invite you to join us. We're currently growing groundnut sprouts in test tubes.

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The peanut plant is unique, yet shares many characteristics with other photosynthesizing plants, especially other legumes.

Pegs and Pods - University of Florida Video - P-nut Science

Peanuts are a great subject for biology science projects.

Science projects using peanuts

  • Germination - What soil pH is optimal for germination, what temperature is best?

  • Phototropism - How and why do the leaves reach for the light to maximize photosynthesis. Do they follow all wavelengths of light equally, how much light and time are needed to see the changes in leaf growth direction?

  • Geotropism - The root knows which direction is down, and can change direction, how quickly can it redirect? How does it sense gravity? If the plant grows while constantly spinning on a turntable, will this change root direction due to centrifugal force?

  • Soil particle size - How do different soil particles sizes effect the plants growth and health due to water drainage, and root formation?

  • Nutrients that help peanut pods form - What are they, why are they needed, how does the pod feed and grow?

  • Temperature effects - What soil and air temperatures are needed for germination, flower production, pod production?

  • Photocontrol - What is the nature and location of the photoreceptor that controls the light-dependent development of the peanut ovule and embryo?

  • Humidity - how does humidity influence the production of flowers and pods?

  • Light requirements - What affect does light intensity, light wavelength, and light cycle times have on plant growth, flowering, and pod growth?

  • Symbiosis - Is Bradyrhizobium the only rhizobium bacteria that will grow inside nodules on peanut roots for nitrogen conversion? Do peanut plants grow better when inoculated with rhizobium, rather than adding nitrogen to the soil?

  • Soil restoration with crop rotation - How does the peanut restore the soil? What other crops are rotated with peanuts and why?

George Washington Carver spent much of his adult life investigating the properties, and uses of this amazing plant. Tuskegee University continues his peanut research, along with agricultural colleges around the world.

How to cross pollinate peanuts - USDA Peanut Laboratories video, Dawson, Georgia.

You too can study the peanut plant at home, while creating interesting Science Projects. All you need is interest, time, and a few raw peanuts to begin.

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