Stock Pot for boiling 50 Lb of Peanuts

by Dave

Hello Everyone! Thank you for this forum. It has helped me out so much.

Will a 160 Qt Pot cook 50 pounds of dried peanuts comfortably? I am using Jumbos, they are filling the pot about 1/2 full, is this leaving enough room for water for boiling?

Thanx in advance.

boiled peanuts
boiled peanuts

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Jan 01, 2018
160 qt stock pot
by: Dave

Hi Everyone
It's me again. I went ahead and used these pots for 50#'s of peanuts. The pot was plenty big enough. I was actually impressed,(being I have only been experimenting as I want to start a part time selling), but my cooking time really went down with these larger pots. I think probably because they gave me much more room and the peanuts were not so crowded. I'm sure most of you guys already know this though :-). Also Thanx so much for this forum, I can't begin to tell you how much it has helped me.
boiled peanuts

Jul 27, 2018
Update on 160 qt and 50# peanuts
by: Dave

Hey all! If you have read this ..I am updating after boiling several bags @ 50# each (dried) at first I was excited about it all, and even impressed ..BUT.. I will have to say that for some reason or other each pot has turned out different, one reason was me trying different methods..(peanuts always turned out good) But the cooking time is what I am referring to..So to make it short.... for dried peanuts even the 160 qt pot which is 40 gallons in my opinion (works)and can do the job ...But a little less nuts would make it faster and easier..Thanx Dave

Oct 09, 2018
Posting Pictures
by: Anonymous

Good Day Everyone !
I was wanting to post a pic of my peanut trailer etc. I don't have blogs, I am not on facebook. So I didn't know it there was a way or not.
Thanx Dave

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