Tootie's Boiled Peanuts at the West Broadway Farmers Market, North Minneapolis

by Bret
(Boulder, Colorado)

Tootie Martin has been making appearances at the West Broadway Farmer's Market selling boiled peanuts. Tootie sells both original and Cajun flavor.

He says that anybody who has eaten only gas station boiled peanuts hasn't really experienced boiled peanuts.

Bravo entrepreneur Tootie Martin, for bringing the great taste of Boiled Peanuts to North Minneapolis.

Tootie's Boiled Peanuts
West Broadway Farmer's Market
2101 West Broadway Ave N
Minneapolis, MN

Contact Tootie's Boiled Peanuts 651-210-9310

Tootie's Boiled Peanuts has a Facebook Page.

Give Tootie's boiled peanuts a try and comment here on your experience. Tell Tootie that Boiled Peanut World says 'Keep on Boilin'!
boiled peanuts

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