Where to buy largest green peanuts for boiling?

by Bill
(Houston, Texas)

Where can I find the largest variety of green peanut suitable for boiling? Will they only be available during certain months?

I live in Houston, but if I can't find them here, I am willing to buy online. I would like to buy in 5 lb to 15 lb bags.

Thanks for any help.

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Feb 02, 2013
Largest green peanuts for boiling
by: Bret

Varieties of Virginia Jumbo peanuts are the largest. Green peanuts are only available during harvest season, because by definition they are freshly dug from the ground. Since green peanuts have a high kernel moisture content, they may be stored refrigerated and dry for a few days, or can be frozen for a few months.

Green peanuts must be shipped by 2 day air to prevent spoilage. The last time I ordered green peanuts from Georgia, the shipping charges were 2 times the cost of the peanuts themselves.

I've read about super jumbo green peanuts that are typically 4 inches long, and as big around as a man's thumb, but I've never bought them.

I found super jumbo green peanuts for sale at Fidler Farms in Silverhill, Alabama. Per their website these are available September to mid November.

Mitchell Farms in Collins, Mississippi also advertises super jumbo green peanuts.

Oct 23, 2014
Fiedler Farms Peanuts
by: John Cooley

I just got off the phone with Fidler Farms and was told that they're no longer selling or shipping green peanuts due to quality concerns.

Nov 08, 2014
Mitchell Farms
by: Gunner

Just called Mitchell Farms today, November 8, and their season is "over" as they have run out of stock. They do not ship, but they recommended that I get up with Royal Oak (Farms) in North Carolina to try my luck there. He also said that the dry peanuts are fine for boiling, and they have a longer shelf life than the Green peanuts prior to being boiled, anyway. He said to just boil them for around 8 hours or so, and that they would turn out just as well as the green ones would. Cannot argue with a farmer about farmer stuff, now can we? I think I'll try to find some dry peanuts now and get the ole' kettle a' boilin'!!!!

May 20, 2015
green/raw peanuts
by: Anonymous

Farmers lie,lie,lie. Raw and green taste totally different. A Virginia farmer talked me into buying raw peanuts when I was looking for green. I don't know why the dried raw taste so different, but if you are gonna boil a peanut, make sure they are green, and the water is like the dead sea. The boil time is not as long as you think. The peanuts are steaming inside their shells. The soak time after the boil is what counts.

Jun 22, 2015
Green Vs Dried
by: Chuck

I definitely prefer green peanuts over dried to boil. No comparison in taste. I've been boiling peanuts for over 40 yrs for myself, love them! I soak the green peanuts after washing for a few hours, or over night. Dried peanuts, you should soak over night, or longer, for less boil time and flavor.

I only boil dried in the winter when I get desperate!

Being from Florida originally now in De. I am looking for a green peanut source this season.


Jun 27, 2015
Green peanuts
by: J Toth

I have ordered peanuts from Hardy Farms. They will have green peanuts available in August. I prefer the green ones, too, but they have some called jumbo and runners they sell as well, although they aren't green peanuts.

Aug 19, 2015
Green Peanuts
by: Anonymous

Just received my order from Hardy Corp that professes to sell Jumbo Green peanuts from Georgia. These are NOT JUMBO sized peanuts at all. Yes - they are green and Yes - they are good boiling peanuts but NOT JUMBO sized. Very disappointed.

Aug 19, 2015
where to buy peanuts...
by: antia

Try online at nuts.com, great variety and shipping is decent.

Sep 02, 2015
green peanuts
by: Bj

C & B farms in Crystal Springs, Mississippi ships peanuts. Just got some jumbos. Shipping not bad.

Dec 16, 2015
Peanuts at wholesale price
by: El torres

Hi anyone interested in resale peanuts..sesame seed..watermelon from Mexico $0.50 per pound for peanuts in Mexico plus shipping contact me at torresnoea@gmail.com

May 20, 2016
C&B Farms in Crystal Springs Ms.
by: Gar


This is where I get my green peanuts every year! They are awesome!!!

Jul 31, 2017
Jumbo Green Peanuts
by: Robert Brown

I live in Bradenton, Florida and I am looking for green jumbo peanuts. I would like to have five pounds shipped to Bradenton. Is this possible? Please advise on when harvested.
Thank You

Aug 10, 2017
green peanuts shipped
by: Anonymous

I bought green peanuts from Hardy Farm in Georgia last 2 years in a row, the quality is very good. I buy a bushel and split with friends.
Just ordered another bushel for this year.

Aug 20, 2017
green peanuts
by: willie

I'm in Houston and I get my green peanuts from c&b farms in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. Shipping is no problem for them.

Sep 14, 2017
Silverhill, Alabama
by: Jennifer

Great Peanut crop so far at Fidler Farms, 20225 Bohemian Hall Road Silverhill, Alabama. He will not ship because you have to keep them cold. 251-979-6887 (NUTS). He delivers to Mobile and you may be able to coordinate a time when he is sending some that way. Good Luck!

Oct 14, 2017
Green Jumbos
by: Anonymous

Just bought 32lb. bags of green jumbos from K&L Farms in Chipley, Florida. FANTASTIC Cajun boiled.

Aug 27, 2018
raw peanuts
by: Anonymous

To cut down on cooking time of raw peanuts put a small crack in each peanut. The liquid is able to get inside of peanut and cook faster.

Aug 28, 2018
Raw gree peanuts
by: Heck

Try Hardy in Georgia.
I believe they harvest in September. So they are ready to ship.

Sep 03, 2018
Hardy farms green peanuts
by: Dirk

They do not sell them according to their website.

Apr 07, 2019
Need to order large quantity of green peanuts
by: Michelle

Where can I order green peanuts to be shipped to me. It’s the off season & I can’t locate anywhere (even online)! I live in Alabama.

Jun 11, 2019
Green Peanuts
by: Gene Partin

I live in Orlando, Florida. Where in Florida can I drive to and buy GREEN peanuts?

Jul 02, 2019
Gren peanuts in Ocala Florida
by: Anonymous

You can go to Seiler Farms in Ocala.

Jul 06, 2019
Green Peanuts
by: Lynne

I know for a fact that you can get green peanuts in Cordele, Georgia as early as March or April, because they buy them from Florida. I've bought them at Stripling's Store for years. Georgia farmers don't even turn their peanuts before August. I don't feel like driving 750 miles round-trip to Cordele and sure wish I could find some good peanuts in North Carolina - or at least someone to ship some.

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