by Diane
(Georgia )

Bought a large mesh bag of raw peanuts. I was going to boil them today. They look normal from the outside but when I opened several, some have a WHITE film on the inside of the shell. Is that mold or are they safe to boil and eat?


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Jan 24, 2021
Hard to say
by: BPW

Hi Diane,
It is hard to tell without seeing them.

First, are they green raw peanuts, or dried? Green peanuts can develop mold. Dried peanuts have such little moisture content that they will not mold.

Second, when I grew peanuts I noticed that immature peanuts have a white film inside the shells. This is normal. See a photo inside an immature, green peanut with white lining inside the shell here

That said, when in doubt, throw them out.

Aspergillus flavus can grow on green peanuts. It produces aflatoxins which are poisonous carcinogens and mutagens.

Learn more about mold on peanuts here.

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