Your Traditional Boiled Peanuts Recipe Worked!

by Peter

Dear Mr. Boiled Peanut World,

I followed your recipe for traditional boiled peanuts and it worked! While the peanuts were not from Alabama, the results with New Mexico Valencia peanuts are stellar.

Wish you were here to enjoy them.

I'm meeting with a Southern BBQ restaurant owner in Colorado Springs tomorrow, he's been hankering for some boiled peanuts. I'm bringing a portion of the batch to him for sampling.

I'm certain he'll be very pleased.

I plan to visit Dothan, Alabama (the Peanut Capital of the World) during the National Peanut Festival this year and want to bring back a lot of green peanuts for boiling.

Do you have any advice for keeping them fresh during the drive from Alabama to Colorado?


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Sep 04, 2010
Glad You Like the Results
by: Bret

This recipe worked for you because you had good quality raw peanuts, tasted them often as they boiled, and you knew when they were done to your liking.

We're glad for you. Probably less than 1 of 20 of your Colorado neighbors has ever tasted this delightful delicacy.

Regarding your question, if you transport raw green peanuts from Alabama to Colorado then you must keep the green peanuts both cold, and dry.

Since raw green peanuts are very moist, they are prone to spoiling. Green peanuts are freshly dug from the ground, and under the best conditions are good refrigerated for less than one week, unless they are frozen.

You can pack them in an electric ice chest that plugs into your auto's lighter socket. You could also pack the peanuts into a passive ice chest with dry ice to keep them cool, and dry (with dry ice on top). You could even freeze them before you pack them in a cooler with dry ice if you expect to travel for several days.

Green peanuts must be kept cold, and dry, or frozen to preserve their freshness.

You should not pack the peanuts in a cooler with ice because it will melt, and fill the cooler with water, wetting the peanuts further. This would damage the peanuts quickly.

You should keep green peanuts cold, yet dry, or frozen, until they are boiled.

Keep Boilin',

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