Zatarain's shrimp & crab boil concentrate?

We are from the south but live in the Midwest. They don't sell the Zatarain's boil in the bag, only in concentrate. My question is; how much of this would be about equivalent to the bag? It comes in a 4 ounce bottle, and I've read different recipes. I'm just wanting to clarify before I put too much into these peanuts and they become inedible! Thank you 😊

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Feb 25, 2018
Zatarain's boil in the bag
by: Dave

Afternoon to you in the mid-south..I don't know if you have an Academy Sports in your part of the country but you can buy this in 4-5# bags there. As far as how much you would need (more than you would need if you were using just salt) it is salty but not as salty as could use both...

Mar 08, 2018
Obligatory title
by: Leez Nuts

I only use the liquid in my cajun peanuts. I don't want to risk the bag tearing and leaking schmutz all in my peanuts.
When boiling a small batch (4 lbs nuts, couple gallons water), I use 4 capfulls. Adjust to your batch.
boiled peanuts

Mar 12, 2018
Powder Bags and Liquid
by: Dave

Hey! Leez Nuts
Dave here ,,,I actually was referring to the powder form we have here and not the seasoning in
the small bags ...BUT that may have been what our friend we were speaking to was talking about the bags and not the powder....Thanx very much for a reply....I would like to see a little more action on the Boiled Peanut World...But we have just come through the winter so maybe it will pick up a bit.
I read the comments and everything here over and over I am kinda of slow so I have to keep it in my brain fresh......
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