Boiled Peanuts Pounds to Quarts

by Lorrie
(Yuma, Arizona)

Hi, how y'all? I saw an answer for dried jumbo peanuts, but I need to know approximately how many 1 quart portions are in 25 pounds of boiled green Valencias? Thank you so much.

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Mar 20, 2017
Pounds to Quarts
by: Bret

There is no general rule for converting pounds of peanuts to volume of peanuts. What do you mean by "25 pounds of boiled green Valencias?" Are they 25 pounds of peanuts before, or after boiling?

Mar 20, 2017
by: Lorrie

Guess I should clarify my question. I'm out West in Yuma, AZ and green peanuts are impossible to find, but I found a farm in New Mexico where I can get a steady supply of raw Valencias in both 25# and 50# bags. At first I thought they were green but believe they're just raw, personally disappointing but will do for business purposes. So, in order to determine if this will be a profitable venture, I'd like to get a rough estimate of my food costs but, at $76/25# bag an actual experiment is a bit costly right now. I'd like to know approximately how many 1qt (styro cup) boiled portions I can get out of this 25# bag of raw unboiled Valencia peanuts. Hope that helps! Thanks

Mar 27, 2017
Quarts of Boiled Peanuts per Pound of Raw Dried Valencias
by: Bret

Thanks for the clarification.

The last time I measured I found that one pound of dried Valencia peanuts was about 2 quarts. The number of quarts of peanuts in a pound of dried raw Valencias will vary with their density. Also, there may be empty shells, shell parts, loose peanuts, and rotten peanuts which you will discard.

Factor in your shipping charges, also. For further reading see boiled peanut calculations.

80% of USA Valencia peanuts are grown around Portales, New Mexico. Hampton Farms sells raw dried Valencia peanuts in 25 pound, and 50 pound bags.

There are a couple of ways to know whether you are buying raw green peanuts, or raw dried peanuts. If the raw peanuts are available year round, they are dried. If the seller doesn't require shipment by overnight, or 2 day air, they are dried peanuts.

Raw green peanuts cost more in shipping charges than the price of the peanuts themselves. The last time I ordered raw green peanuts from Georgia, the shipping charges were twice the price of the peanuts themselves. I am in Colorado.

Mar 22, 2018
Quarts per pound
by: Buck A peanut guy

In no way am I a science major, but do have boiled peanut business/hobby in Soflo. I found one 25 lb bag = 20 quarts dry per 5 galllon bucket. I get over 2 and 3/4 5 gallon buckets approximately 55–60 qts of dry jumbos out of Virgina. Hope that makes sense.

Mar 28, 2018
Conversion conversations
by: Anonymous

Thank you both for your input. And since I first posted my question, I’ve moved back home to the Nature Coast of Florida! I crossed the Mississippi/Alabama line and first thing I did was get me some goobers and a cherry pop!

Aug 05, 2020
Pressure cooked peanuts
by: Gary

How many lbs of peanuts can I boil at one time in s 10 quart pressure cooker?
Thank you.

Dec 29, 2020
Cost per pound boiled peanuts
by: Rick Covert

How much does a pound of boiled peanuts sell for on average they being from raw peanuts @ $66 per 50# sack?

Oct 10, 2023
by: Anonymous

Why doesn't this boiled peanut site have info on suppliers????

Oct 11, 2023
Suppliers of what?
by: BPW

Thanks for the question. Suppliers of what: green peanuts, dried peanuts, boiled peanuts, pots, burners, trailers? Let us know what you are searching for and we'll try to help.

As for suppliers of peanuts for boiling, see if this page offers any assistance.

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