Sources to Buy Dried Peanuts?

by Dirty Deek
(Indiana, USA)

I've read pretty much this entire site. No one has listed sources to buy dried peanuts, as this seems to be the way to go since getting green nuts is a seasonal thing. We need sources to get the nuts via mail order, websites, etc. I'm talking if you're going to make your own, or go into the "peanut stand" business.

Also, types, varieties, sizes etc. All need to be explained. Not much about that either on this site.


Boiled peanuts are a "love 'em or hate 'em" thing and are only regionally known. You can lose your a$$ starting a boiled peanut "business" if you're not in the exact right place. We've been in the concession business many, many years. Certain foods really sell, others, you literally cannot give away samples. People are weird, they simply will not try new foods, new to them anyway.

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Sep 13, 2015
Sources to buy dried peanuts?
by: Boiled Peanut World

Thank you for visiting Boiled Peanut World, and taking the time to comment. We appreciate your critique of our website. You are right, we haven't heavily promoted sources to buy dried peanuts, nor dedicated a page to detailing the varieties of peanuts for boiling.

Mea culpa.

We try to answer each question asked. Where to buy dried peanuts depends on the country where you live, and the year in which the question is asked. We've got readers from more than 100 countries, and spanning over many years.

Location, and time matter regarding sources to buy dried peanuts.

In some areas of the USA dried raw peanuts in the shell are commonly sold in grocery stores, natural grocers, health food stores, farmers markets, Asian markets, and large retailers like Walmart. More often than not these are Virginia Jumbo peanuts, or Valencias.

Dried Spanish peanuts are sold in many grocery stores during the fall, but they tend to be already shelled, and in our experience not very good boiled. Raw, shelled Spanish peanuts are suited for making peanut brittle.

Our opinion is that Valencia peanuts are best for boiling because of their flavor. Runners are also delicious when boiled, but harder to find, and rarely found dried. Virginia Jumbo peanuts are tasty with larger, fewer nuts per pod than Valencia, and more commonly sold dried in the shell in the USA.

Boiled Virginia Jumbos are not as sweet as Valencias, or Runners, but they are quite tasty, and preferred by many boiled peanut lovers. The decision of which variety of peanut to boil comes down to availability, cost, and personal preference.

We've noted a few USA sources of raw peanuts for boiling here, here, and here.

Let us know if you have further questions, or comments.

Sep 21, 2016
Do Not Use Dried Nuts for Boiling
by: Patti

Hi, as a born and bread boiled peanut eater, and my mom always cooking them at home....I am here to tell you, they need to be green, raw peanuts! Not dried, which are for roasting! I live in Georgia (and no,that doesn't mean they're necessarily easy to find, but easier than northern states), so my local grocery stores (some, not all) carry green nuts during the season which is about August through Oct, Nov. But...the farm that supplies my store with the peanuts I buy also sells them through mail order. Hardy Farms is their name, you can find them online. Enjoy!

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